Session 35:
Nothing to Meer

Dungeon Master : We last left off with Immer and Karleigh facing a giant octopus. Meanwhile, Noor, Ireenia, and Derigo were up on dry land.
(Sat 5:02pm)
Karleigh Morgan : is doing something extremely stupid, as if she could convince an octopus ten times the size of her to back off
(Sat 5:04pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Jabs his trident at the offending octopus.
(Sat 5:04pm) (Bewarekender)
Noor Kilbane : There's some giant squid down there or something. climbs up on the ledge with Derigo and Ireenia
(Sat 5:04pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Immer goes first.
(Sat 5:05pm)
Immer DaníTante : The 20-sided die rolls a 11.
(Sat 5:06pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : A giant squid? Noor, keep an eye on Ireenia for me, and hold this! Hands Noor the torch.
(Sat 5:06pm) (DanteReborn)
Noor Kilbane : takes the torches
(Sat 5:06pm) (Daos)
Derigo Zander : Dives into the water to join the battle.
(Sat 5:07pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 5:07pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 4.
(Sat 5:07pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 5:07pm) (Bewarekender)
Giant Octopus : moves back, using its tentacles to keep anyone else at bay
(Sat 5:08pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh's turn.
(Sat 5:08pm)
Karleigh Morgan : Octhanus, allow me to speak with this, octopus. finds talking under water really strange as she prays
(Sat 5:09pm) (DreamAngel)
Karleigh Morgan : she looks at the Octopus Why block our way when we only want to get out of your...home?
(Sat 5:10pm) (DreamAngel)
Giant Octopus : waves its tentacles at Karleigh
(Sat 5:12pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : So we must defeat you to pass?
(Sat 5:13pm) (DreamAngel)
Giant Octopus : waves tentacles again
(Sat 5:15pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Waits for Karleigh to finish whatever she's doing to act.
(Sat 5:15pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : Even though one of us follows Octhanus? The last thing I would want to do is hurt one of her creatures, but we must get into Meer, so if we must then we shall do so.
(Sat 5:16pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Meanwhile, Derigo in ray form swims down to the bottom to see the 12 foot octopus and Immer and Karleigh. Neither side is moving, but just kind of staring at each other.
(Sat 5:16pm)
Derigo Zander : Would rather not interrupt the standoff and watches.
(Sat 5:17pm) (DanteReborn)
Giant Octopus : answers my flailing his tentacles angrily and attacks
(Sat 5:18pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : and so attacks with her cutlass, now would be a good time to attack yes
(Sat 5:18pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Seeing such hostile activity, does not hesitate in attacking it again.
(Sat 5:18pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : And that's his cue to strike.
(Sat 5:18pm) (DanteReborn)
Giant Octopus : attacks with six of its tentacles; hits Immer for 6 damage and Karleigh for 4 damage
(Sat 5:19pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Actions for Round 2?
(Sat 5:19pm)
Immer DaníTante : Attacks the thing, using his buckler.
(Sat 5:20pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : Attack with his trusty rapier.
(Sat 5:20pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : obviously attacking with her cutlass, remembers working as a team and not holding back, just hopes the others remember that as well
(Sat 5:20pm) (DreamAngel)
Karleigh Morgan : yes, uses her buckler too
(Sat 5:20pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Roll initiative, Eddie.
(Sat 5:20pm)
Derigo Zander : The 10-sided die rolls a 3.
(Sat 5:21pm) (DanteReborn)
Dungeon Master : Derigo gets first strike.
(Sat 5:21pm)
Derigo Zander : The 20-sided die rolls a 3.
(Sat 5:21pm) (DanteReborn)
Giant Octopus : easily evades the sting ray's attack
(Sat 5:22pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Immer's turn.
(Sat 5:22pm)
Immer DaníTante : The 20-sided die rolls a 10.
(Sat 5:22pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 3.
(Sat 5:22pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 3.
(Sat 5:22pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 1.
(Sat 5:22pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : The giant octopus lurches forward to bite at Immer, but he keeps it at bay with his trident. Karleigh's turn.
(Sat 5:23pm)
Karleigh Morgan : The 20-sided die rolls a 17.
(Sat 5:23pm) (DreamAngel)
Karleigh Morgan : The 3-sided die rolls a 3.
(Sat 5:24pm) (DreamAngel)
Giant Octopus : it backs away again, giving itself more room
(Sat 5:24pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Round 3?
(Sat 5:24pm)
Derigo Zander : Swoops in again with his rapier.
(Sat 5:25pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : Gives the thing no quarter, matches it inch for inch as it moves back. Attacks again with his trident and uses his buckler.
(Sat 5:25pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : motions over to Derigo to get behind the octopus if he can, or something as she goes in for another attack with her cutlass, using her buckler to block any attacks the damn thing makes upon her
(Sat 5:25pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Derigo goes first.
(Sat 5:26pm)
Derigo Zander : Actually, will try to get around to its back to strike.
(Sat 5:26pm) (DanteReborn)
Derigo Zander : The 20-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 5:26pm) (DanteReborn)
Dungeon Master : Immer's turn.
(Sat 5:27pm)
Immer DaníTante : The 20-sided die rolls a 15.
(Sat 5:27pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 5:28pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 4.
(Sat 5:28pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 5:28pm) (Bewarekender)
Giant Octopus : attacks all three of you with its tentacles; Immer takes 5 damage, Karleigh takes 1, and Derigo manages to evade.
(Sat 5:29pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh's turn.
(Sat 5:30pm)
Karleigh Morgan : The 20-sided die rolls a 16.
(Sat 5:30pm) (DreamAngel)
Karleigh Morgan : The 3-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 5:30pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Derigo can now have his second strike.
(Sat 5:30pm)
Derigo Zander : The 20-sided die rolls a 13.
(Sat 5:31pm) (DanteReborn)
Derigo Zander : The 6-sided die rolls a 1.
(Sat 5:32pm) (DanteReborn)
Dungeon Master : Round 4.
(Sat 5:32pm)
Karleigh Morgan : moves to strike again, not holding back on using her buckler
(Sat 5:32pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : Tries getting behind the octopus to attack it.
(Sat 5:33pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : Undaunted by the octopus's attacks, even in his wounded state, continues to attack and defend with his buckler.
(Sat 5:33pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : Derigo goes first.
(Sat 5:33pm)
Derigo Zander : The 20-sided die rolls a 7.
(Sat 5:33pm) (DanteReborn)
Giant Octopus : senses Derigo behind it and manages to evade
(Sat 5:33pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Immer's turn.
(Sat 5:34pm)
Immer DaníTante : The 20-sided die rolls a 18.
(Sat 5:34pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 4.
(Sat 5:34pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 5:34pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 3.
(Sat 5:34pm) (Bewarekender)
Giant Octopus : flails wildly and then goes still, just floating there in the water
(Sat 5:35pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : blinks at this, tilting her head slightly
(Sat 5:36pm) (DreamAngel)
Karleigh Morgan : swims downward to look for a door, since the Octopus is...well...not moving and all
(Sat 5:37pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Shakes his head, then looks around for an exit or some such thing that the octopus might have been guarding.
(Sat 5:37pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh cannot see any opening or passageway. Nor can Immer.
(Sat 5:37pm)
Karleigh Morgan : even looks for some kind of switch or something
(Sat 5:37pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : She sees no switch or anything similar.
(Sat 5:38pm)
Karleigh Morgan : swims up to the surface, shaking her head a bit We went the wrong way.
(Sat 5:38pm) (DreamAngel)
Noor Kilbane : Is it dead?
(Sat 5:38pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : Seems to be. climbs up on the surface One of the guardians Octhanus put in here.
(Sat 5:39pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : Swims alongside the wall, holding out an arm from under the mantle and running his hand against the wall.
(Sat 5:40pm) (DanteReborn)
Dungeon Master : Derigo finds the walls to be a bit moss covered, but solid.
(Sat 5:40pm)
Karleigh Morgan : tilts her head slightly, looking at all the walls Maybe...slides back into the water, swimming towards the far wall, placing her hand upon it, just making sure it is real and all
(Sat 5:42pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh finds the walls are real enough.
(Sat 5:42pm)
Immer DaníTante : Gets himself up out of the water and onto the ledge to think.
(Sat 5:42pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : Well, I don't know. Any ideas?
(Sat 5:42pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Let's head back to that other room.
(Sat 5:44pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : Surfaces and gets back on solid ground, a man once again.
(Sat 5:44pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : swims back to the surface and pulls herself out the water
(Sat 5:44pm) (DreamAngel)
Noor Kilbane : Which room?
(Sat 5:45pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : I assume the one with the riddle.
(Sat 5:45pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : The one with the silver plaque.
(Sat 5:45pm) (Bewarekender)
Noor Kilbane : Fine with me.
(Sat 5:45pm) (Daos)
Derigo Zander : Well, I'm all for it. Mutters under his breath I guess I can't always be right...
(Sat 5:46pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : makes her way back towards the room with the silver plaque
(Sat 5:46pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Goes back towards that room then.
(Sat 5:46pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : The previous room is no different than before, save that the path to the basin room is now sealed off.
(Sat 5:47pm)
Derigo Zander : Heads back to the plaque room, still thinking about the riddle.
(Sat 5:47pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : looks towards the now sealed off door, then back to the silver plaque, reading it over Please, open the door? as if that will help, actually knows it won't help
(Sat 5:47pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Moves forward to brush a hand against the wall with the plaque.
(Sat 5:47pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : Nothing happens in response to Karleigh's request. Immer pushes against the plaque, but nothing happens.
(Sat 5:48pm)
Immer DaníTante : Looks at the plaque again, its writing.
(Sat 5:49pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : The plaque reads, "Faith is the key. If in doubt, ask and you shall receive."
(Sat 5:50pm)
Immer DaníTante : Keeps his eyes on the plaque. I want a sign.
(Sat 5:51pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : What if we wrote it down rather than asking out loud?
(Sat 5:51pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Still, nothing happens.
(Sat 5:52pm)
Derigo Zander : Maybe on the paper?
(Sat 5:52pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : I was thinking more like the wall. But I would need to know what to ask. glances at Derigo and Immer
(Sat 5:54pm) (DreamAngel)
Noor Kilbane : sits down, decides this is going to take awhile
(Sat 5:54pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : With what? I don't have any ink.
(Sat 5:54pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : Well, all my ink is on the ship, but...we some of us are still kind of bleeding. winces a bit That would work.
(Sat 5:55pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Give it a try. Hopes it works.
(Sat 5:56pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : takes out her cutlass and opens up one of her wounds to get some blood, and once that is done Well, what do you want me to ask? Just ask to open the door again? Or...wait...that piece of paper, was it written as a statement or question?
(Sat 5:59pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Ask to show us the path. Nods, a muscle pulls at the corner of his jaw as she cut herself.
(Sat 5:59pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh loses 1 hp from the cut.
(Sat 5:59pm)
Derigo Zander : It said that the wall is in our minds...
(Sat 6:00pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : I know, but was it a question or a statement? Did it have a period or a question mark at the end?
(Sat 6:01pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : It wasn't a question. Maybe it doesn't mean a real wall. Like, our minds are stopping us from going forward. Shrugs. Who knows.
(Sat 6:02pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : Er... It sounded like a sentence and not a question.
(Sat 6:02pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : sighs and with her own blood, writes upon the wall "Show us the way?"
(Sat 6:02pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : This does nothing.
(Sat 6:04pm)
Karleigh Morgan : finally just flops down and leans against the wall
(Sat 6:05pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Rubs his chin. Picks up the piece of paper and looks it over again.
(Sat 6:07pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : The paper is written in Octhanian script, and still says the same thing.
(Sat 6:07pm)
Karleigh Morgan : Does the wall only exist within my mind? pulls her legs up to her chest
(Sat 6:07pm) (DreamAngel)
Ireenia : Perhaps we need to look at this in a different light.
(Sat 6:09pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Like, in the dark? Looks at Derigo. Take the torches down the hall eh?
(Sat 6:10pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : Not a bad idea. But where am I supposed to put it?
(Sat 6:11pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : Just take them down there, we'll call to you if anything happens.
(Sat 6:11pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : Nothing exists in our mind in the dark...for we can't see it. Why not.
(Sat 6:12pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : Okay. Takes the torches and heads down the hallway again.
(Sat 6:12pm) (DanteReborn)
Dungeon Master : Derigo leaves with the torches and returns to the octopus room. The rest of you are plunged into total darkness.
(Sat 6:12pm)
Immer DaníTante : Starts walking forward, in the opposite direction of Derigo.
(Sat 6:14pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : With a painful 'crack', Immer walks into the wall.
(Sat 6:14pm)
Ireenia : Uh, brother...I did not mean literally when I said light...
(Sat 6:15pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Ah! Damn it! Rubs his head again, that's definitely going to leave a mark now. Shouts. Derigo, come back!
(Sat 6:15pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : Heads back in, carrying the light with him.
(Sat 6:16pm) (DanteReborn)
Noor Kilbane : makes herself comfortable
(Sat 6:16pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : There really isn't another way to look at it though. There is a wall, it obviously exists.
(Sat 6:16pm) (DreamAngel)
Ireenia : We should probably review what we do know for sure.
(Sat 6:16pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : The only thing I haven't asked for is a key.
(Sat 6:16pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Well, we know the walls are solid... Touches his forehead gingerly. And that asking for a door doesn't help.
(Sat 6:17pm) (Bewarekender)
Ireenia : Let's go over the clues more closely then.
(Sat 6:17pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Clues my eye... They're pretty useless so far.
(Sat 6:19pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : sighs Okay...
(Sat 6:19pm) (DreamAngel)
Ireenia : she approaches the plaque and peers at it "Faith is the key." The key to what, though?
(Sat 6:20pm) (Daos)
Derigo Zander : Well, whatever wall it means, it's only in our minds. And faith is supposed to be the key.
(Sat 6:20pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : Meer, to the next room...who knows?
(Sat 6:20pm) (DreamAngel)
Ireenia : I guess a key isn't much good without the keyhole.
(Sat 6:20pm) (Daos)
Derigo Zander : Maybe it's the key to seeing what our minds won't? Or did we try that already...?
(Sat 6:21pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : Okay, so faith is the key, so we need to find the us a keyhole?
(Sat 6:21pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Nothing happens.
(Sat 6:22pm)
Ireenia : she shakes her head It says faith is the key, not the keyhole. That means something else is the keyhole, not faith. Right?
(Sat 6:22pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : But there is nothing in here that would be a keyhole, unless that plaque moves.
(Sat 6:23pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : If keys fit in keyholes, then where does faith fit in?
(Sat 6:23pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : All of this reminds me of Rudra. Ponders. Well we have two clues, so maybe the other one is a hint about the keyhole.
(Sat 6:23pm) (Bewarekender)
Ireenia : No...doesn't look like there's a keyhole in this room at all. lowers her head and sighs
(Sat 6:23pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : How about the other room?
(Sat 6:24pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : What about the other room, the one with the octopus. He said he was guarding that room pretty much. Look for another dolphin...
(Sat 6:24pm) (DreamAngel)
Noor Kilbane : gets up then So we're going back now?
(Sat 6:25pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Sighs, didn't think this would involve so much... thinking. Yep Heads on back.
(Sat 6:25pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : looks at Noor You can sit there...heads back towards the octopus room, looking all around for a symbol of a dolphin
(Sat 6:25pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : They return to the octopus room, which is still full of water.
(Sat 6:26pm)
Karleigh Morgan : slides into the water, and swims to the bottom, still looking for something a keyhole...hoping the shape of a dolphin, if faith is the key, her holy symbol would work
(Sat 6:27pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh searches around, but finds nothing of the sort.
(Sat 6:27pm)
Karleigh Morgan : tries wiping away some of the moss on the walls to find something...anything, might even search the octopus
(Sat 6:28pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Well, maybe it's inside the octopus. Doesn't relish the idea of taking that thing apart though.
(Sat 6:28pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : She doesn't find any indentures or keyholes, no.
(Sat 6:28pm)
Ireenia : Brother, what was the second part of the clue?
(Sat 6:28pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : surfaces, shaking her head
(Sat 6:28pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : "The wall is only in your mind."
(Sat 6:29pm) (Bewarekender)
Ireenia : No...not the paper. The plaque. The first part said, "Faith is the key."
(Sat 6:29pm) (Daos)
Derigo Zander : Feels the frustration starting to settle in.
(Sat 6:29pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : If in doubt, ask and you shall receive.
(Sat 6:29pm) (DreamAngel)
Ireenia : Ask who, though? puzzled
(Sat 6:30pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : Oh Gods...if we killed the thing we were suppose to ask, I'm going to scream.
(Sat 6:30pm) (DreamAngel)
Ireenia : I think the two clues on the plaque might be connected, maybe? They were on the same plaque, I mean.
(Sat 6:31pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Shakes his head. What about that water lady? Looks over at the water. Are you here?
(Sat 6:31pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : What do you mean connected?
(Sat 6:32pm) (DreamAngel)
Ireenia : I think they are part of the same clue.
(Sat 6:33pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : No one answers Immer's question.
(Sat 6:33pm)
Derigo Zander : But what are they supposed to mean? Leave it to the gods to confuse people...
(Sat 6:33pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : I've asked Octhanus...nothing happened.
(Sat 6:34pm) (DreamAngel)
Ireenia : Maybe you must be near the keyhole to ask.
(Sat 6:34pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Try asking in this room. Nods.
(Sat 6:35pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : sighs Octhanus, will you open the way to the
(Sat 6:36pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Her holy symbol begins to glow brightly. The room and the party is enveloped in light. They feel strangely, as if their bodies are being pulled in different directions. Then everything refocuses and the light is gone. The entire party is in a new room.
(Sat 6:37pm)
Immer DaníTante : Looks around for any changes.
(Sat 6:37pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : Or rather, looks at this new room.
(Sat 6:37pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : she looks down at her holy symbol Okay...well that's something. looks around the room
(Sat 6:37pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : It's a small room, similar to the very first one. There are a couple of broken arrows on the ground. There is a corridor off to the right.
(Sat 6:37pm)
Ireenia : blinks Ah, so prayer was the key then.
(Sat 6:37pm) (Daos)
Noor Kilbane : rubs at her eyes
(Sat 6:38pm) (Daos)
Derigo Zander : Arrows... Heads over to them cautiously to pick them up.
(Sat 6:38pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : Good job Karleigh, and you too Sister. Heads over to examine the arrows.
(Sat 6:39pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : There are two broken arrows there. Derigo picks them up and handles them.
(Sat 6:39pm)
Karleigh Morgan : Quite possibly traps...everyone watch your step.
(Sat 6:39pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : I'll take these, just in case...
(Sat 6:40pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : Rubs the back of his neck. Alright... Starts off down the corridor slowly, prodding the ground about 2 feet before him with his trident.
(Sat 6:40pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : They travel through the corridor, which comes to a bend to the south.
(Sat 6:41pm)
Karleigh Morgan : follows after Immer, glancing around as she walks, being careful of her steps
(Sat 6:42pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Keeps going, unless something else about his surroundings changes.
(Sat 6:42pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : The party turns south and continues on then.
(Sat 6:42pm)
Karleigh Morgan : keeps walking, seems as if it is going to go on and on
(Sat 6:43pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : As they are walking, they hear a sudden rumbling sound nearby. I need Keith to roll another DEX check.
(Sat 6:43pm)
Immer DaníTante : The 20-sided die rolls a 10.
(Sat 6:43pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : Again acting quickly, Immer rolls forward just as a small vat of acid pours from the ceiling and hits the floor where he was just standing.
(Sat 6:44pm)
Karleigh Morgan : eyes widen Immer?! Are you okay?! stops in her tracks
(Sat 6:45pm) (DreamAngel)
Noor Kilbane : Bloody hell!
(Sat 6:45pm) (Daos)
Derigo Zander : Whoa! This place is full of surprises!
(Sat 6:45pm) (DanteReborn)
Noor Kilbane : easily hops over the acid spill to the other side
(Sat 6:46pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Gets clear of the acid, panting. Ark in Paradise... Rubs his eyes. This place is indeed dangerous...
(Sat 6:46pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : hops on over the acid, looking over to the rest of them Well, lets keep moving.
(Sat 6:47pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Takes a moment to pray to Baerin, asking for protection, then continues on.
(Sat 6:48pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : follows along, praying softly to Octhanus as she walks, as she wants to get out of here alive
(Sat 6:49pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : Follows behind, staying away from the acid.
(Sat 6:49pm) (DanteReborn)
Dungeon Master : Moving on, the party enters a large room. There are four pools here, one in each corner of the room. A fountain above each pool fills it.
(Sat 6:49pm)
Karleigh Morgan : looks around each pool, then around the room as if looking for more clues
(Sat 6:50pm) (DreamAngel)
Noor Kilbane : Serene looking...
(Sat 6:50pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : That also means it could be a bad thing.
(Sat 6:51pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : (There any exits in that room?)
(Sat 6:51pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : No.
(Sat 6:51pm)
Derigo Zander : Looks at the fountains, mainly the size of the stream of water.
(Sat 6:51pm) (DanteReborn)
Dungeon Master : The streams are not all that powerful; rather gentle, actually.
(Sat 6:51pm)
Immer DaníTante : Goes to the left bottom corner pool and takes a look in.
(Sat 6:52pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : Suddenly, there is a rumbling noise. A stone door seals itself shut, locking the party inside the pool room.
(Sat 6:52pm)
Ireenia : Uh-oh...
(Sat 6:52pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : That can't be good. sighs softly, moves over to the pools, looking within one of them
(Sat 6:53pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : Looks behind him. Either we're not supposed to be here, or we're not supposed to go back.
(Sat 6:53pm) (DanteReborn)
Dungeon Master : In the northeast, southeast, and southwest pools, three watery figures begin to emerge, snake like in appearance.
(Sat 6:53pm)
Immer DaníTante : Raises a hand to cover his face. Ugh...
(Sat 6:53pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : Great... Maybe this is a test of strength?
(Sat 6:54pm) (DanteReborn)
Noor Kilbane : Not these things again...
(Sat 6:54pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : Oh....Not again. quickly moves over to the southeast pool take care of the one on the northeast. begins praying quickly
(Sat 6:54pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Actions?
(Sat 6:55pm)
Immer DaníTante : Those water things... Like with the Nereid. Damn it. Attacks the one in the northeast as per Karleigh's request.
(Sat 6:55pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : Follows Karleigh's advice and goes after the northeastern one.
(Sat 6:56pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : praying to Purify food and drink
(Sat 6:56pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Roll initiative.
(Sat 6:57pm)
Karleigh Morgan : The 10-sided die rolls a 10.
(Sat 6:57pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : The 10-sided die rolls a 5.
(Sat 6:57pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : The 10-sided die rolls a 8.
(Sat 6:57pm) (DanteReborn)
Water Weirds : are still forming
(Sat 6:57pm) (Daos)
Noor Kilbane : pulls out her cutlass and goes for the southwest one, but misses
(Sat 6:59pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Immer's turn.
(Sat 6:59pm)
Dungeon Master : Immer's turn.
(Sat 6:59pm)
Immer DaníTante : The 20-sided die rolls a 11.
(Sat 6:59pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 1.
(Sat 7:00pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 1.
(Sat 7:00pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 4.
(Sat 7:00pm) (Bewarekender)
Water Weirds : lurches backward; is obviously caused a lot of pain by Immer's weapon
(Sat 7:01pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Derigo's turn.
(Sat 7:01pm)
Derigo Zander : The 20-sided die rolls a 7.
(Sat 7:01pm) (DanteReborn)
Water Weirds : loops to the side, avoiding the attack
(Sat 7:02pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh's turn.
(Sat 7:02pm)
Immer DaníTante : Grins, this new weapon is sure proving useful. Fool worm!
(Sat 7:02pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : Octhanus, clean this water of all that is bad and not pure. yay sounds like an idiot
(Sat 7:03pm) (DreamAngel)
Water Weirds : the southeast weird turns back into mere water and splashes down to the floor
(Sat 7:03pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Round 2?
(Sat 7:04pm)
Karleigh Morgan : takes a deep breath once that one weird is gone, and runs over to the southwest one and begins praying again, same spell
(Sat 7:04pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Same actions as before, only now uses his buckler as well.
(Sat 7:05pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : Will strike out again, using his shield.
(Sat 7:05pm) (DanteReborn)
Water Weirds : the northeast one snaps at Immer, but the rogue knight evades
(Sat 7:06pm) (Daos)
Noor Kilbane : attacks the southwest one again, but misses
(Sat 7:06pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Immer's turn.
(Sat 7:06pm)
Immer DaníTante : The 20-sided die rolls a 19.
(Sat 7:07pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 4.
(Sat 7:07pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 1.
(Sat 7:07pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 1.
(Sat 7:07pm) (Bewarekender)
Water Weirds : splashes back into water, defeated
(Sat 7:07pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Derigo's turn. Only one left, to the southwest.
(Sat 7:08pm)
Derigo Zander : The 20-sided die rolls a 13.
(Sat 7:08pm) (DanteReborn)
Water Weirds : gets cut by his rapier, but only takes 1 damage
(Sat 7:09pm) (Daos)
Water Weirds : reaches out and grabs Noor, pulling her in
(Sat 7:10pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh's turn.
(Sat 7:10pm)
Karleigh Morgan : Octhanus, purify this water and make it right! she calls out to her Goddess again
(Sat 7:10pm) (DreamAngel)
Water Weirds : the last one splatters, dropping Noor to the ground, coughing
(Sat 7:10pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : stands up, looking over to Noor Are you okay?
(Sat 7:11pm) (DreamAngel)
Noor Kilbane : nods and gets up, still coughing a bit I'm fine.
(Sat 7:11pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Approaches Noor, helping his buddy up. There, all better. Nods to Karleigh. That's one handy spell.
(Sat 7:12pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : smiles faintly Yeah, it is. I figured since Water Weirds are apart of Meer, that we would run into a few of them.
(Sat 7:13pm) (DreamAngel)
Ireenia : Oh...look at that. points to the south wall
(Sat 7:14pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Looks to the south wall.
(Sat 7:14pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : looks towards the south wall
(Sat 7:14pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : A keyhole has appeared on the south wall magically.
(Sat 7:14pm)
Karleigh Morgan : walks over to the south wall, tilting her head slightly Um...I don't think my ring fits the key hole.
(Sat 7:15pm) (DreamAngel)
Noor Kilbane : Looks like we need a key. A real one, this time.
(Sat 7:16pm) (Daos)
Derigo Zander : Looks at the fountains again for any changes.
(Sat 7:16pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : Goes over to the pool that was devoid of weirds, looks inside.
(Sat 7:16pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : looks over towards the northwest fountain
(Sat 7:16pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Yes, strangely enough, the fountains that held water weirds have dried up now. Karleigh sees something shimmer inside the northwest fountain.
(Sat 7:17pm)
Karleigh Morgan : moves towards the fountain, reaches out to grab the shimmering thing, carefully
(Sat 7:18pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Since he was headed towards that pool, gets a better look at it.
(Sat 7:18pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : The item is a silver key.
(Sat 7:18pm)
Karleigh Morgan : takes hold of the silver key and moves back to the keyhole, placing the key within the hole and turning the key
(Sat 7:18pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : The key and keyhole both vanish. The ground rumbles as the entire wall moves upward, revealing another corridor leading south.
(Sat 7:19pm)
Immer DaníTante : Since apparently Karleigh can see better and moves faster, lets her do it.
(Sat 7:19pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : Starts off down the corridor south. Still being careful as he walks, for all the good that does.
(Sat 7:19pm) (Bewarekender)
Ireenia : follows after Immer
(Sat 7:20pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : follows behind Immer, being careful as well
(Sat 7:20pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : Brings up the rear.
(Sat 7:20pm) (DanteReborn)
Noor Kilbane : follows last
(Sat 7:21pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : The party comes to another bend, this one leading westward.
(Sat 7:21pm)
Karleigh Morgan : continues on through the bend, as the only way to go is back and she doesn't want to go back
(Sat 7:21pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Pauses, and inspects the surroundings. Last time they hit a bend, a trap was there.
(Sat 7:22pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : Immer sees nothing out of the ordinary, but then he isn't exactly well experienced with trap finding.
(Sat 7:22pm)
Karleigh Morgan : says softly Just watch where you walk, Immer.
(Sat 7:23pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Nope, but he can try. Proceeds cautiously, testing each step tenatively.
(Sat 7:23pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : The party proceeds forward and enters another room. This one is small, but there are large, ornate silver doors to the west.
(Sat 7:24pm)
Karleigh Morgan : looks towards the doors and slowly walks towards them, looking all around for something to pop out at them
(Sat 7:25pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : The doors have dolphins carved on them and nearly take up the entire wall.
(Sat 7:25pm)
Immer DaníTante : Walks up beside Karleigh then.
(Sat 7:26pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : It must lead to Meer. she says softly, looking towards the others
(Sat 7:26pm) (DreamAngel)
Ireenia : You mean this is the end?
(Sat 7:26pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Open it up and see.
(Sat 7:26pm) (Bewarekender)
Very Familiar Voice : Not so fast.
(Sat 7:27pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : Well, it might be....blinks looking towards the voice Huh?
(Sat 7:27pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : The voice comes from behind the party.
(Sat 7:27pm)
Derigo Zander : Turns to face the voice What?
(Sat 7:28pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : Sighs, really hoped they would get through the doors unmolested.
(Sat 7:28pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : so turns to look towards whoever the voice belongs to
(Sat 7:28pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Turns around.
(Sat 7:28pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : The voice comes from nowhere. But a figure begins to form there. Ghostly in appearance, and grey, without color. She looks to be a beautiful young woman with long hair and a familiar face smiles at them.
(Sat 7:29pm)
Karleigh Morgan : tilts her head slightly
(Sat 7:29pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Ashling!? Furrows his brow. What!?
(Sat 7:30pm) (Bewarekender)
Noor Kilbane : backs away, unsteady
(Sat 7:30pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : laughs faintly I told you she was in Meer.
(Sat 7:30pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : How can that be...?
(Sat 7:31pm) (DanteReborn)
Ashling Quinn : Hello, Immer...Derigo...Noor. I have been waiting for you.
(Sat 7:31pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Approaches her. We miss you, I don't suppose you're coming back?
(Sat 7:31pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : Immer... Don't let your guard down...
(Sat 7:32pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : keeps quiet, as this is more of a reunion of friends, and doesn't know Ashling
(Sat 7:32pm) (DreamAngel)
Ashling Quinn : smiles I would, but my body's no good anymore.
(Sat 7:32pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : You don't... Blame me do you? Has been dieing to ask that question, and now finally has the chance.
(Sat 7:33pm) (Bewarekender)
Ashling Quinn : There's no sense in it. What is done is done, and cannot be undone. I wanted so badly to be here with you, fighting by your side. But I can't...The call to Meer is so promises me peace and tranquility and happiness. But I can't go yet. I had unfinished business. So I anchored my soul here, right at the gates of Meer.
(Sat 7:34pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : So... That's Meer then, behind that door? Has indeed let his guard down despite Derigo's warning.
(Sat 7:34pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : Unfinished business?
(Sat 7:35pm) (DreamAngel)
Ashling Quinn : Yes. The gates are beyond this door. But so is the final challenge of worth. It will be perhaps the most difficult challenge you've ever faced, so you must not hold back.
(Sat 7:35pm) (Daos)
Ashling Quinn : to Karleigh To help my friends. I cannot fight by your side, but...I can do something for you.
(Sat 7:36pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Looks down at his battered body. I don't think I can take much more.
(Sat 7:36pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : What is the challenge?
(Sat 7:37pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : What's our challenge? I'm willing to face it. Addresses Immer Then don't be afraid to stay back. I won't hold it against you.
(Sat 7:37pm) (DanteReborn)
Ashling Quinn : To face this Temple's final protector. The Defender of the Gate. A powerful creature from Meer.
(Sat 7:37pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Looks at Derigo like he's crazy. You're joking! I will never stop, even if I have to die to accomplish it.
(Sat 7:38pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : I don't think any of us can take much more.
(Sat 7:38pm) (DreamAngel)
Ashling Quinn : That is why I am here.
(Sat 7:38pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : looks towards the ghostly form of Ashling What help are you to give us?
(Sat 7:39pm) (DreamAngel)
Ashling Quinn : I shall lend you my last bit of strength. her soul glows and shimmers, and a burst of energy fires from her and encircles the party
(Sat 7:39pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : All hp are restored. All powers, abilities, and spells are restored. The party feels as if they have eaten, drank, and slept for 8 hours.
(Sat 7:40pm)
Karleigh Morgan : eyes widen at the sight
(Sat 7:40pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Feeling completely rejuvenated smiles. Thank you Ashling.
(Sat 7:41pm) (Bewarekender)
Ashling Quinn : her soul begins to fade out of view That's all I have...I'm not strong enough to resist the call now...I'll be moving on...
(Sat 7:41pm) (Daos)
Derigo Zander : Looks down at himself and the others, feeling much more invigorated. Thanks, Ashling. Good luck, wherever you're headed.
(Sat 7:42pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : Thank you. smiles faintly Be at peace with Octhanus.
(Sat 7:42pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Nods to himself. Time to go, and face our final foe.
(Sat 7:42pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : (I rock so hard, that was a rhyming couplet, and it had alliteration.)
(Sat 7:42pm) (Bewarekender)
Ashling Quinn : One more thing....the Codex in the knighthood....can be found....with true sight....good luck. fades away completely
(Sat 7:42pm) (Daos)
Derigo Zander : True sight... Makes a mental note of that Well, Captain... Lead the way! I'll be right behind you!
(Sat 7:44pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : True sight?... Scratches his head. I'll remember that for later. Waves good-bye a little, then heads for the door. Grabs a handle, waiting for everyone else. Alright everyone grab hold and on the count of 3.
(Sat 7:44pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : looks at Immer Um...I should probably pray for some spells before we face this thing...
(Sat 7:44pm) (DreamAngel)
Ireenia : Oh, dear. I hope we will prevail.
(Sat 7:44pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Oh... Well, go right ahead. Nods. We'll wait. Pats Ireenia's shoulder. We'll be fine.
(Sat 7:45pm) (Bewarekender)
Ireenia : I wish I could fight like you, Brother. I feel so useless.
(Sat 7:47pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Don't feel like that, you don't have to fight. Or rather... Unslings his bow, and takes his quiver and the arrows from his shoulder.
(Sat 7:48pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : And the string snaps as he plucks at it. Blast... You can't use that then.
(Sat 7:50pm) (Bewarekender)
Ireenia : Oh...all that salt water wasn't good for it, I suppose.
(Sat 7:50pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Just stay out of it Ireenia, I don't want to see you hurt.
(Sat 7:51pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : prays for her spells
(Sat 7:55pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : Sets the torch down and readies both rapier and shield.
(Sat 7:55pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : Sits down, waiting for Karleigh to finish up.
(Sat 7:55pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : An hour and 20 minutes later, Karleigh finishes.
(Sat 7:56pm)
Karleigh Morgan : looks at all of them I have mostly healing spells...just so you know.
(Sat 7:56pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : Good... Something tells me we'll need it.
(Sat 7:57pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : Good Nods, and grabs the door handle.
(Sat 7:57pm) (Bewarekender)
Noor Kilbane : pulls out her cutlass
(Sat 7:58pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Heaves, trying to open the door!
(Sat 7:58pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : pulls out her own cutlass and moves to help Immer
(Sat 7:58pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Despite its size, the door swings open easily.
(Sat 7:59pm)
Immer DaníTante : Looks to see what the door revealed.
(Sat 7:59pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : Looks through the doors Well... Who wants to take the lead?
(Sat 7:59pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : keeps near the middle of the party, protection, heh
(Sat 8:00pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Takes the lead.
(Sat 8:00pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : Inside is a huge room--much larger than any of the previous ones. At the back of the room is a raised platform with a set of stairs leading up to it. Water runs through fountains into small pools all over the room.
(Sat 8:00pm)
Immer DaníTante : Heads for the platform.
(Sat 8:01pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : follows after Immer
(Sat 8:01pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Climbing the stairs, you see a large pool on the platform. The water inside it is spinning, like a whirlpool. Over the pool is some kind of barrier.
(Sat 8:02pm)
Immer DaníTante : Blinks, then reaches down and touches his bracelet to the barrier.
(Sat 8:02pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : The barrier is solid, like rock. Nothing happens.
(Sat 8:03pm)
Immer DaníTante : Climbs up on top of it.
(Sat 8:04pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : "You are too late," a female voice says, coming from nowhere and everywhere at once.
(Sat 8:04pm)
Karleigh Morgan : Well, that has to be the way in...but...glances around
(Sat 8:04pm) (DreamAngel)
Karleigh Morgan : blinks Too late?
(Sat 8:04pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : The barrier is too slick. Immer slides right off and cannot get a foothold.
(Sat 8:04pm)
Immer DaníTante : Stops trying to get on top of it, and looks for the source of the voice, but it isn't there.
(Sat 8:05pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : It sounds like the last challenge...
(Sat 8:05pm) (DanteReborn)
Dungeon Master : From one of the many pools within the room, a figure emerges. It forms into a beautiful woman with blue skin. She stands about 5'5" and her hair is seagreen.
(Sat 8:05pm)
Karleigh Morgan : looks towards the woman Right...
(Sat 8:06pm) (DreamAngel)
Blue Woman : she approaches The Dolphin Bow is all ready gone. It is not here.
(Sat 8:06pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Who are you? Directed at the woman.
(Sat 8:06pm) (Bewarekender)
Blue Woman : I am called Eilonnwy. she comes to the stairs, but does not climb them
(Sat 8:07pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : What are you?
(Sat 8:08pm) (DreamAngel)
Eilonnwy : I am a marid, a being of Meer.
(Sat 8:08pm) (Daos)
Derigo Zander : Watches Eilonnwy and all of her movements, looking for signs of hostility.
(Sat 8:08pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : We want to enter Meer, Eilonnwy.
(Sat 8:08pm) (Bewarekender)
Eilonnwy : Then you are not here for the Bow? You wish to enter Meer itself? Interesting...
(Sat 8:09pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : So, how do we get into Meer?
(Sat 8:10pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : looks at Immer for a moment, then back to Eilonnwy
(Sat 8:10pm) (DreamAngel)
Eilonnwy : That is the gateway, before you. Under that barrier takes you to Meer.
(Sat 8:11pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : How do we get past the barrier?
(Sat 8:12pm) (DreamAngel)
Eilonnwy : Only I can remove it.
(Sat 8:12pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : ...Will you remove it?
(Sat 8:12pm) (DreamAngel)
Eilonnwy : shrugs Sure, why not?
(Sat 8:12pm) (Daos)
Derigo Zander : What will it take to get you to remove it?
(Sat 8:12pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : blinks You will?
(Sat 8:13pm) (DreamAngel)
Eilonnwy : No, wait! I've changed my mind. You must defeat me in combat and prove your worth! Yeah, that'll work.
(Sat 8:14pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Sighs, moving down towards the woman and taking out his trident. As you wish.
(Sat 8:15pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : Well, you changed your mind quickly.
(Sat 8:15pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : Come on, now, do you really want to fight? Haven't we proved ourselves worthy by getting here? Wants to avoid a fight if he can. No telling what's ahead.
(Sat 8:15pm) (DanteReborn)
Eilonnwy : Hmm...ponders Derigo's words I guess I don't really want to fight...
(Sat 8:15pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : What do you really want then?
(Sat 8:16pm) (DreamAngel)
Eilonnwy : No, wait...changed my mind. I do want to fight.
(Sat 8:16pm) (Daos)
Noor Kilbane : mutters This woman's nuts.
(Sat 8:16pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : Well, the person who took the Dolphin Bow, did she fight you to get it?
(Sat 8:16pm) (DreamAngel)
Eilonnwy : Oh....her? No, she didn't need to.
(Sat 8:17pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : Why not?
(Sat 8:17pm) (DreamAngel)
Eilonnwy : She was Chosen.
(Sat 8:17pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : Chosen?
(Sat 8:17pm) (DreamAngel)
Eilonnwy : Yes. Special blood runs in her veins.
(Sat 8:18pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : sighs Makes sense. Looks like we really don't have a choice.
(Sat 8:18pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : You're sure you want to fight then?
(Sat 8:19pm) (Bewarekender)
Eilonnwy : Ready then? Make peace with your gods and we can begin.
(Sat 8:19pm) (Daos)
Eilonnwy : Do you know how boring things are in here? Nothing ever happens. Damn right I want a fight.
(Sat 8:19pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : me.
(Sat 8:19pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Sighs, and takes her advice, saying a small prayer to Ark, and Baerin, before jabbing his trident at Eilonnwy.
(Sat 8:20pm) (Bewarekender)
Eilonnwy : she starts to grow taller and taller...soon she is about 18 feet tall
(Sat 8:20pm) (Daos)
Derigo Zander : Says a short prayer asking for his safety, as well as the others'.
(Sat 8:21pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : mouth nearly drops to the ground at the sudden growth No one ever said she was a giant!
(Sat 8:21pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Suddenly his stab to the gut became a stab to the shin.
(Sat 8:21pm) (Bewarekender)
Eilonnwy : grins mischievously
(Sat 8:21pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Actions?
(Sat 8:21pm)
Immer DaníTante : What in the name of Nikolaus's Spear?
(Sat 8:21pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : replaces her cutlass with her scourge and from her spot attacks with that
(Sat 8:22pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : Gulps. Suddenly feeling a little less confident No one ever asked... Parry. It's safer to see what one is capable of before making your move.
(Sat 8:22pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : Maneuvers and tries to stab at her calf muscle, better then stabbing the shin. An enemy is an enemy, no matter how big they are.
(Sat 8:23pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : Roll initiative.
(Sat 8:23pm)
Karleigh Morgan : The 10-sided die rolls a 5.
(Sat 8:23pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : The 10-sided die rolls a 8.
(Sat 8:23pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : The 10-sided die rolls a 9.
(Sat 8:24pm) (DanteReborn)
Noor Kilbane : swears in every tongue she knows, then fires her hand-crossbow; the little nub strikes the woman in the thigh, causing her some pain
(Sat 8:26pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh's turn.
(Sat 8:26pm)
Karleigh Morgan : The 20-sided die rolls a 12.
(Sat 8:26pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : The whip strikes but doesn't seem to hurt her. Her skin is a lot tougher than it looks. Immer's turn.
(Sat 8:27pm)
Immer DaníTante : The 20-sided die rolls a 9.
(Sat 8:27pm) (Bewarekender)
Eilonnwy : despite her size, seems very swift; easily evades the trident, laughing a bit
(Sat 8:28pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Gulps, maybe this was more than he could handle, presses the attack anyway.
(Sat 8:28pm) (Bewarekender)
Eilonnwy : cups her hands and fires a stream of water at Derigo
(Sat 8:28pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Roll a save vs spell, Eddie.
(Sat 8:28pm)
Derigo Zander : The 20-sided die rolls a 11.
(Sat 8:29pm) (DanteReborn)
Dungeon Master : The water smashes into Derigo, knocking him backwards and costing him 4 damage. Round 2?
(Sat 8:29pm)
Karleigh Morgan : takes a few steps back and beings praying quickly
(Sat 8:30pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : Sputters and resets himself, this time ready to strike.
(Sat 8:30pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : Attacks the girl again, using his buckler, for all the good it'll do him.
(Sat 8:30pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh goes first.
(Sat 8:31pm)
Karleigh Morgan : Octhanus, protect me from the evil before me! she says quickly, letting the invisible shield in a way go up
(Sat 8:31pm) (DreamAngel)
Eilonnwy : recoils away from Karleigh, taking a few steps back
(Sat 8:32pm) (Daos)
Noor Kilbane : fires her x-bow again, this time just barely scraping the marid's elbow
(Sat 8:33pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Derigo's turn.
(Sat 8:33pm)
Derigo Zander : The 20-sided die rolls a 15.
(Sat 8:34pm) (DanteReborn)
Derigo Zander : The 8-sided die rolls a 5.
(Sat 8:34pm) (DanteReborn)
Eilonnwy : Aggh, watch it with that needle, mortal!
(Sat 8:35pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Immer's turn.
(Sat 8:35pm)
Karleigh Morgan : keeps back, knowing what this spell does, as it protects her for the moment, studies Eilonnwy, looking for any weaknesses
(Sat 8:35pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : The 20-sided die rolls a 17.
(Sat 8:36pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 1.
(Sat 8:36pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 8:36pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 8:36pm) (Bewarekender)
Eilonnwy : screams at the Trident's bite What is that cursed thing? she angrily swings at Immer
(Sat 8:37pm) (Daos)
Eilonnwy : smacks Immer, HARD, for 15 damage
(Sat 8:38pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Is too busy flying back at her strike to respond with "Your worst nightmare!"
(Sat 8:38pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : Round 3?
(Sat 8:39pm)
Karleigh Morgan : winces seeing Immer fly back, but that doesn't stop her from running down the stairs towards the door to get the torches that Derigo had to put down, praying that they are still burning
(Sat 8:40pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : Time to see what my little "needle" can do! Attacks again, using his small shield as a little wall of protection against a big giant.
(Sat 8:40pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : Regains his footing, even though his organs feel like they've done backflips inside of him. Charges her, fueled on anger.
(Sat 8:40pm) (Bewarekender)
Noor Kilbane : gets safely out of range and fires again, but misses
(Sat 8:40pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh rushes into the previous room, unhindered as Eilonnwy cannot approach her. She finds the torches Derigo left behind, which are still burning a bit.
(Sat 8:41pm)
Dungeon Master : Derigo's turn.
(Sat 8:41pm)
Derigo Zander : The 20-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 8:42pm) (DanteReborn)
Eilonnwy : hops out of the way, despite her size, giggles at his miss
(Sat 8:42pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Immer's turn.
(Sat 8:42pm)
Karleigh Morgan : picks up the torches quickly and starts running back towards the fight, needs someone who can actually hit Eilonnwy rather than herself
(Sat 8:42pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : The 20-sided die rolls a 6.
(Sat 8:42pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : Mutters as he misses Damn needle--Sword, I mean sword!
(Sat 8:42pm) (DanteReborn)
Eilonnwy : skips out of the way of Immer's attack
(Sat 8:43pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Snarls, his anger causing him to make a sloppy move. Looks up at Eilonnwy. Witch!
(Sat 8:44pm) (Bewarekender)
Eilonnwy : cups her hands again and fires at Noor, sending her flying backward
(Sat 8:44pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Derigo's second strike.
(Sat 8:44pm)
Derigo Zander : The 20-sided die rolls a 1.
(Sat 8:45pm) (DanteReborn)
Dungeon Master : Derigo fumbles back and falls into one of the pools. Round 4.
(Sat 8:45pm)
Karleigh Morgan : shakes her head at Derigo Try hitting her with fire!
(Sat 8:45pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : Sputters again and climbs out Gladly!
(Sat 8:46pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : Same actions, although this time cools a bit and aims his attack carefully. Makes sure to use his buckler.
(Sat 8:46pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : hands Derigo a torch before running back up the stairs with the other torch
(Sat 8:47pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : Tries Karleigh's idea and attempts to swing the torch at the giant.
(Sat 8:48pm) (DanteReborn)
Noor Kilbane : fires again, missing again Damn it!
(Sat 8:49pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Derigo's turn.
(Sat 8:49pm)
Derigo Zander : The 20-sided die rolls a 14.
(Sat 8:49pm) (DanteReborn)
Derigo Zander : The 3-sided die rolls a 1.
(Sat 8:50pm) (DanteReborn)
Eilonnwy : the torch strikes her and then goes out Oww! Hot! Stop that!
(Sat 8:51pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Immer's turn.
(Sat 8:51pm)
Immer DaníTante : The 20-sided die rolls a 16.
(Sat 8:51pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 8:51pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 8:51pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 8:51pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : Let's see if we can't make it hotter!
(Sat 8:51pm) (DanteReborn)
Eilonnwy : screams out again I do NOT like that thing! swings again at Immer, striking him with her hand for 9 damage
(Sat 8:52pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Round 5.
(Sat 8:53pm)
Immer DaníTante : Flies back again, breathing heavily. Takes some comfort in knowing it hurt her just as much, if not more, than she just hurt him. Rushes back at her.
(Sat 8:54pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : Tries throwing the torch up at the giant's head. Maybe that'll do something more.
(Sat 8:54pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : moves back up near the barrier, looking up at Eilonnwy, and with all of her might tosses the flaming torch at the giant's head, hoping to catch her hair on fire
(Sat 8:54pm) (DreamAngel)
Noor Kilbane : lets loose another bolt, this time scoring a hit in her cheek
(Sat 8:55pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh's turn.
(Sat 8:55pm)
Karleigh Morgan : The 20-sided die rolls a 14.
(Sat 8:56pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : The torch sails overhead and lands behind the genie.
(Sat 8:56pm)
Dungeon Master : Derigo's turn.
(Sat 8:56pm)
Derigo Zander : The 20-sided die rolls a 1.
(Sat 8:56pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : (Ouch)
(Sat 8:57pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : Damn it!
(Sat 8:57pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : The doused torch flies too far and smacks Karleigh in the shin. Immer's turn.
(Sat 8:58pm)
Immer DaníTante : The 20-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 8:58pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : Hey! Wrong person! frowns
(Sat 8:58pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : Sorry! Guess I'll stick with the needle...
(Sat 8:59pm) (DanteReborn)
Eilonnwy : sidesteps Immer's attack
(Sat 8:59pm) (Daos)
Eilonnwy : her entire body turns into mist and floats around the room; her disembodied laughter mocking them
(Sat 8:59pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : makes a face at the mist but runs back down to get the torch that she threw
(Sat 9:00pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Round 6.
(Sat 9:00pm)
Derigo Zander : Parries for the time being. No use in striking at damp air.
(Sat 9:01pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : runs over to Immer for only a moment and prays softly, touching his shoulder lightly Octhanus, heal what wounds he has received.
(Sat 9:01pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Backs away from the mist, moving up the stairs.
(Sat 9:01pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh goes first.
(Sat 9:02pm)
Karleigh Morgan : The 8-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 9:02pm) (DreamAngel)
Eilonnwy : reforms behind Derigo and strikes him with her fist, smacking him across the room for 19 damage
(Sat 9:03pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Looks at Karleigh and smiles a little. Thanks.
(Sat 9:03pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : Round 7.
(Sat 9:03pm)
Karleigh Morgan : You're welcome.
(Sat 9:04pm) (DreamAngel)
Karleigh Morgan : moves down the steps just a little bit and throws the torch at Eilonnwy again, really hoping to hit that woman's hair
(Sat 9:04pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Runs to stab Eilonnwy while he can.
(Sat 9:05pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : Gah! Is most definitely on the floor. Gets up and tries drinking his other potion.
(Sat 9:05pm) (DanteReborn)
Noor Kilbane : fires another bolt, which misses; she takes cover near the stairs
(Sat 9:06pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh's turn.
(Sat 9:06pm)
Karleigh Morgan : The 20-sided die rolls a 1.
(Sat 9:06pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh accidentally burns herself. She drops the torch into a pool and takes 2 damage.
(Sat 9:07pm)
Immer DaníTante : (That's the third crit miss from us... What is this? The ship of the damned?)
(Sat 9:07pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : Derigo's turn. Roll 2d4 plus 2.
(Sat 9:07pm)
Derigo Zander : The 4-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 9:08pm) (DanteReborn)
Derigo Zander : The 4-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 9:08pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : Ouch! whimpers softly Octhanus, you must really not want us in there.
(Sat 9:08pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Immer's turn.
(Sat 9:08pm)
Immer DaníTante : The 20-sided die rolls a 5.
(Sat 9:09pm) (Bewarekender)
Eilonnwy : dodges the trident again, wary of it; she cups her hands and fires a blast of water at Karleigh
(Sat 9:09pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : The 20-sided die rolls a 11.
(Sat 9:10pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh is hit and takes 6 damage. Round 8.
(Sat 9:10pm)
Eilonnwy : This is the longest fight I've had in centuries! Who'd have thought you'd last this long? laughs
(Sat 9:11pm) (Daos)
Derigo Zander : Strike again, shield to help block You'll pay for that cheap shot!
(Sat 9:11pm) (DanteReborn)
Karleigh Morgan : Ack! she screams out as the blast of water hits her back against a wall, after the shock though recovers begins praying quickly Octhanus, heal me of the wounds I've received.
(Sat 9:11pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : You.... will.... lose! Attacks her again with his trident.
(Sat 9:12pm) (Bewarekender)
Noor Kilbane : fires another bolt, missing
(Sat 9:12pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh's turn. 1d8.
(Sat 9:12pm)
Karleigh Morgan : The 8-sided die rolls a 4.
(Sat 9:13pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Derigo's turn.
(Sat 9:13pm)
Derigo Zander : The 20-sided die rolls a 3.
(Sat 9:13pm) (DanteReborn)
Dungeon Master : Immer's turn.
(Sat 9:13pm)
Immer DaníTante : The 20-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 9:14pm) (Bewarekender)
Eilonnwy : fires a blast of water at Immer
(Sat 9:14pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : The 20-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 9:15pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : Immer is hit for 6 damage.
(Sat 9:15pm)
Ireenia : Brother, be careful!
(Sat 9:15pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Round 9.
(Sat 9:15pm)
Karleigh Morgan : takes out her cutlass and tries to get behind the giant to attack...well the back of her ankle
(Sat 9:16pm) (DreamAngel)
Karleigh Morgan : or really whatever she can reach
(Sat 9:16pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Picks himself up and attacks again, uses his buckler. For Octhania!
(Sat 9:16pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : Attack again. Needs to show her what a needle can really do. Shield for backup.
(Sat 9:17pm) (DanteReborn)
Noor Kilbane : fires another bolt and misses again
(Sat 9:17pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh's turn.
(Sat 9:17pm)
Karleigh Morgan : The 20 -sided die rolls a 16.
(Sat 9:18pm) (DreamAngel)
Karleigh Morgan : The 8-sided die rolls a 4.
(Sat 9:18pm) (DreamAngel)
Eilonnwy : cries out from the attack What? You little....!
(Sat 9:19pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Derigo's turn.
(Sat 9:19pm)
Karleigh Morgan : Ha! Take that!
(Sat 9:19pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : The 20-sided die rolls a 19.
(Sat 9:19pm) (DanteReborn)
Derigo Zander : The 8-sided die rolls a 6.
(Sat 9:19pm) (DanteReborn)
Eilonnwy : Ow! Stop that, I said!
(Sat 9:20pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Immer's turn.
(Sat 9:20pm)
Immer DaníTante : The 20-sided die rolls a 14.
(Sat 9:20pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 2.
(Sat 9:20pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 1.
(Sat 9:20pm) (Bewarekender)
Immer DaníTante : The 4-sided die rolls a 4.
(Sat 9:20pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : Sorry, I can't hear you from all the way down here!
(Sat 9:21pm) (DanteReborn)
Eilonnwy : How could you be...worthy? starts to shimmer
(Sat 9:21pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : We are worthy, because we fight for right!
(Sat 9:22pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : smiles brightly We did it! actually runs over to Derigo and hugs him, but in the process prays softly to heal his wounds Octhanus, heal the wounds that he has received.
(Sat 9:22pm) (DreamAngel)
Eilonnwy : she shrinks down to her original size and then drops to her knees, weakened Ugh...
(Sat 9:22pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : The 8-sided die rolls a 6.
(Sat 9:23pm) (DreamAngel)
Derigo Zander : Caught somewhat off-guard, gives Karleigh a hug.
(Sat 9:23pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : Moves over to Eilonnwy, trident still leveled. Open the barrier.
(Sat 9:23pm) (Bewarekender)
Derigo Zander : Thanks, Karleigh... But I don't know if we're done yet...
(Sat 9:25pm) (DanteReborn)
Eilonnwy : sighs How embarrassing. Do me a favor. If you run across anyone I know in Meer, promise you won't tell them you defeated me?
(Sat 9:25pm) (Daos)
Ireenia : comes up to her Brother, worried about his wounds
(Sat 9:26pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : She just said we were worthy. Seems to me that we are least with this part. lets go of Derigo and moves up to the stairs to get ready to jump into Meer
(Sat 9:26pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : We won't. Now please open the barrier. Puts his trident away, smiles at his sister, without looking at her.
(Sat 9:27pm) (Bewarekender)
Eilonnwy : Hey, you're a good sport. Since you're not a bad winner or nothing, I'll even do you a favor in return. Since I'm a genie and all, I'll grant you a wish.
(Sat 9:27pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : blinks, looks over to Eilonnwy and Immer
(Sat 9:28pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : A wish? Any wish at all?
(Sat 9:28pm) (Bewarekender)
Eilonnwy : If it's within my power. Hurry up, though, or I might change my mind.
(Sat 9:28pm) (Daos)
Derigo Zander : Immer... Remember what Ashling said about true sight?
(Sat 9:29pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : That's right... I wish for true sight!
(Sat 9:30pm) (Bewarekender)
Eilonnwy : Huh. Okay. reaches behind her back, then pulls out a pair of spectacles Here you go.
(Sat 9:31pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : How...un-dramatic.
(Sat 9:33pm) (DreamAngel)
Immer DaníTante : Takes the glasses, was expecting something a bit more flashy. This will let me find the Codex in the Knighthood?
(Sat 9:33pm) (Bewarekender)
Eilonnwy : I don't know anything about Codexes or Knighthoods...but it will let you see the truth.
(Sat 9:33pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Puts the glasses on, looking around.
(Sat 9:34pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : Immer sees things normally, as he would without them. However, when he looks at his sister, he gets a flash of insight, and sees, for a moment, a seal.
(Sat 9:35pm)
Immer DaníTante : Blinks. They work... Coughs and looks back at Eilonnwy. The barrier?
(Sat 9:36pm) (Bewarekender)
Eilonnwy : The what now? Oh, right. That. she heads upstairs and approaches the barrier
(Sat 9:36pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : turns to look back at the barrier, is all excited at the moment
(Sat 9:37pm) (DreamAngel)
Eilonnwy : she claps her hands twice, and the barrier falls just like that
(Sat 9:37pm) (Daos)
Derigo Zander : Takes a deep breath. Still isn't sure what lies ahead.
(Sat 9:37pm) (DanteReborn)
Eilonnwy : There you go. Just hop down there, and you'll be in Meer. Got Keys, don't you? Otherwise you won't last long.
(Sat 9:37pm) (Daos)
Immer DaníTante : Follows her up and looks at the whirlpool. Thanks... Will bring up the rear this time.
(Sat 9:38pm) (Bewarekender)
Karleigh Morgan : I was told that my faith was my key, so yes I believe we all do.
(Sat 9:38pm) (DreamAngel)
Eilonnwy : Off you go then.
(Sat 9:38pm) (Daos)
Karleigh Morgan : takes a deep breath, looking at all of them before just...jumping within the whirlpool
(Sat 9:39pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Karleigh is sucked down and vanishes from sight.
(Sat 9:39pm)
Derigo Zander : Dives as best as he can into the whirlpool, hoping nothing bad happens.
(Sat 9:40pm) (DanteReborn)
Immer DaníTante : Jumps in last.
(Sat 9:40pm) (Bewarekender)
Noor Kilbane : fingers her amulet, exchanges a look with Immer, then hops in
(Sat 9:40pm) (Daos)
Ireenia : hops in, as well
(Sat 9:41pm) (Daos)
Eilonnwy : They seemed like nice people. things are boring again.
(Sat 9:41pm) (Daos)
Eilonnwy : .............................................................
(Sat 9:41pm) (Daos)
Eilonnwy : Oh! I wonder if I should have mentioned that was a one-way gate? shrugs Oh, well. Vanishes
(Sat 9:42pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : The End
(Sat 9:42pm)


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