Octhania Guide

The following is a basic, quick guide to the kingdom of Octhania.  Of the Six Kingdoms, the Octhania Reich is the most peaceful and serene.

Geography:  Octhania is a large oval shaped continent, roughly the size of Australia.  In the southeast is a series of smaller islands branching off, known as the Tancun Archipelago.  There are two mountain ranges in Octhania:  Shunnen (to the north) and the Darshee (right down the middle).  Most of civilization can be found on the coastline (particularly the southern coastline).  The vast central area of Octhania is untamed.  It’s known as the Central Frontier.  The common folk see it as a dangerous place that only stupid or very strong people would tread through. The Central Frontier is mostly composed of plains. It’s sort of a big veldt, but there are also forests and swamps, too.  Octhania has seven seas:  The Shezkra (southwest), the Mermaid (south central), the Tancun (southeast), the Corloin (east), the Torack (northeast), the Spectre (northwest), and the Maelstrom (west).  Deep in the Corloin Sea are the Corloin Islands (once known as the Coral Islands) where the Corloin Gnolls make their home.

Culture: The Octhanian Kingdom is primarily human and halfling, although a few other races can also be found. The prevalent languages are  Octhanian, Halfling, Fangar, and Gnomish. Octhania produces the best healers and sailors. Octhania’s culture is mostly sea-based.  They rely on the sea for everything, from trade to transportation to food.  Eonians are the most populous race, followed by Halflings.

Religion:  Many different religions can be found in Octhania, as it is known as a land of tolerance to foreign beliefs.  Many pilgrims have fled to Octhania to avoid the prosecution they run into in other countries.  The main belief system stems from the halfling religion known as the Divine Siblings.  They are made up of a trinity of sibling gods known as Ark, Valerdar and Baerin.  Ark is the goddess of healing, Valerdar is the goddess of family and prosperity, and Baerin is the god of peace.  These religions heavily influence the government, which is why Octhania promotes diplomacy, compassion, and tolerance.

Climate: A temperate climate, some consider the Octhania Kingdom to have the best weather in all the Five Kingdoms. It does have an occasional hurricane now and again, although.

Politics: The ruler is Sojun Immerfort, a peace-loving kaiser. He has been searching for years to find a wife for his son, Kenin, so he can one day take over the throne. As Kaiser, Sojun commands the world's greatest navy, the Blue Tsunami. No kingdom has ever bested the Octhania Kingdom in marine warfare. Octhania diplomats are renown throughout the world. Because of this, Octhania often holds a very important role in stopping wars between other nations by playing mediator.  The land of Octhania is divided into five regions.  Each region is ruled by a Margrave who is a member of the royal family.  The five regions are Tancun, Luka, Ruta, Sandoom, and Shunnen.  Tancun is made up of the southeastern section of the main continent, as well as the numerous islands surrounding Octhania. Margrave Brightspear is in charge there. He's stationed in Heaven Island. Luka is the far eastern area, consisting of cities such as Griffos and Lilly. Margrave Monsoon is in charge there. She's stationed in Griffos. Ruta holds the capital city of Immerfort, as well as the peninsula it resides on. Margrave Drake takes care of that area. He is stationed in Immerfort. Sandoom consists largely of the Central Frontier. Margrave Luna rules that area. She is stationed in a stronghold about a week east of Wallark. Shunnen consists of the northern section of Octhania, running from the Shunnen mountains to A'naka. Margrave Blitz is in charge there. He is stationed in a stronghold between Soshun and A'naka.

Trade: The Octhania Kingdom does almost all of its trade by sea route. It sells a great deal of fish, pearls, coral and other things of that ilk. Aside from the trading it does with other nations, one of the biggest sources of money Octhania has is tourism. Unlike the other more isolationist countries, Octhania welcomes anyone to their many tropical island resorts. In fact, the biggest tourist attraction Octhania has to offer is "Heaven Island", a small sunny isle where vacationers can enjoy the warm sun, sandy beaches, sparkling oceans, and elaborate 5-star inns.

Tastes:  There are several things unique to the kingdom of Octhania.  First, it is home to quite a few excellent recipes.  Sporg meat is downright famous.  Many foreigners describe it as a wonderful cross between pork and mutton.  In the hands of a good chef (or devout follower of Valerdar), it can rival the taste of ambrosia itself.  Another well-known recipe is Root Tea.  This is made by grinding a special kind of root (known as Mishkas Root) into a drink.  At times, alcohol is added.  This concoction is known as “Root Beer.”  There is a special stone found in the Darshee Mountains called Darshite.  It’s much stronger than normal stone and is usually used to craft Water Runes.  Some other delicacies include Mishkas Salad (made from exotic herbs and vegetables from the Mishkas Swamp) and Crizza Snow Cake (coconut shavings on a vanilla cake--note it's not actually from Crizza, it was developed by a halfling baker).  There is also a special kind of shark leather that functions like normal leather but is completely waterproof.  It's commonly used on armor and equipment for Blue Tsunami.


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