Octhania Calendar

The following is a timeline of Octhanian history.

(????) Divine Siblings descend upon what is now called Octhania.  Countless years ago, when the world was young, the Divine Siblings descended onto the continent of Octhania.  They were Ark, the Healer; Baerin, the Peacekeeper; and Valerdar, the Provider.  “What a perfect place,” said Ark.  “It is beautiful and serene,” agreed Baerin.  “A fine spot for a wonderful home,” added Valerdar.  “Here we shall create our own race.  They should be compassionate, friendly, and open-minded,” said the Healer.  “They should be peaceful, happy, and respect the law, both mortal and divine,” said the Peacekeeper.  “And they should have family values, good appetites, and a great appreciation of comfort,” remarked the Provider.  And thus, the three went about creating halflings, or “hobbits” as they call themselves.  They bonded them to the planet and sat back to watch their creation grow and prosper.

(-3300) Halflings discover horticulture.  Previously a hunter-gatherer society, it was around this age that halflings started simple farming techniques.

(-2100) Humans are first discovered in Octhania.  Believed to have come from Gontoria on simple watercrafts, the humans try and carve out a living in the mountains.  Over the centuries, they develop tanned skin.  They are referred to later as “barbarians.”

(-1945) Halfling society develops.  Around this time, halflings improved their farming techniques, began domesticating animals, and settled down to build towns.

(-1930) Gnomes discovered.  Dwarves discover Gnomes, a simple race of jewelers living in the mountains of Cryzza.  They easily drive the gnomes out.  Having nowhere else to go, many gnomes fled to Octhania.

(-1920) Fangar formed.  After breaking away from the Higar Dwarves, the Fangar spread all over the world.  Many of them came to Octhania.

(-1600) Gnomes embrace Tek.  Having little talent for magic, and unable to channel divine power, gnomes delve into the secular arts of mathematics and science.  From this births a form of technology called “Tek.”

(-1450) Eonian Empire is born.  Far off in the lands of Gontoria, a vast empire is born.  It’s called “Eonia”, which means “lasting forever.”

(-1350) Eonian Invasion of Octhania.  A century after it’s birth, Eonia starts conquering its neighbors.  Octhania is it’s first target.  After only 6 months of combat, Eonia wins and claims Octhania for its own.  The Magistrate Church declares Tek a tool of Kulak, and many gnomes are stoned to death or worse.  They are forced to go into hiding to survive.  The local barbarian tribes refuse to convert to the Magistrate Church’s religion, and are thus enslaved.  Many barbarians die during this time, simply losing their will to live without their freedom.  Halflings are made to pay heavy taxes for the “privilege” of living in Eonian territory, but otherwise are left alone.

(-1290) Halflings fight taxes.  Tired of their poor treatment, halflings begin to learn the arts of burglary and smuggling.  They discover they have quite a knack for it.  One halfling in particular, London Bagger, becomes particularly infamous for stealing from the rich Eonian nobles and giving to the hungry.

(-1200) Dragons Vanish. All over the world, dragons begin disappearing. Soon, the only ones left are the mounts of the legendary Dragon Knights of Eonia.

(0) Carnage War.  Hobgoblins unwittingly let loose Carnage, God of Destruction. He goes on a rampage, destroying all in his path.  Many lives are snuffed out and all who stand against him, even the Imperial Dragoon Knights, fall.

(2) Eonian Empire falls.  After Carnage destroys Infinity, the floating capital of Eonia, he is finally sealed away, back where he came from.  Without Infinity and the Emperor, the world is plunged into chaos.  Anarchy rules the five continents, including Octhania.  Two of the Imperial Dragoon Knights return to Octhania, the land they were born in, with hopes of helping their kinsmen.

(3) Formation of Corloin Gnolls. As the world is plunged into Chaos, a branch of gnolls dedicated to Ruse sail away from Gontoria in hopes of seeing Carnage up close. However, their ships are caught in a massive storm, and are blown into what was known as the Coral Islands, east of Octhania. There they renamed the islands and called themselves the Corloin Gnolls, dedicated to pure chaos.

(15) FFG is formed. The Fangar merge all their merchant guilds into one global network known as the 'Fangar Federation of Guilds.'

(23) Octhania Kingdom formed.  After two decades of helping rebuild the land, the Copper Dragoon, Nikolaus Immerfort was declared the first kaiser of Octhania.  His brother, the Black Dragoon, Wilhelm, went into seclusion.  It’s said he went to train himself, in the event Carnage ever returned, so that he could defend his brother’s kingdom.  Wilhelm is never heard from again.

(80) Eugen becomes Kaiser of Octhania.  After living an unusually long life, Nikolaus passes on and his son, Eugen, becomes kaiser.  During his reign, he locks away the legendary Dragoon Armor out of respect for his father.  He prophesizes that should Octhania ever fall into grave danger, the armor would be summoned back.  Nikolaus himself is buried in the mysterious Kaiser Islands, whose location is known only to the royal family.  His body is protected by his ancient armor.  Each proceeding Kaiser is also buried here.

(96) Fritz becomes Kaiser of Octhania.  Eugen had six children, and Fritz was the first-born.  Thus, the rank and responsibility of kaiser passed on to him.  However, Octhania was too large to maintain from the capital city.  Fritz split the kingdom into five fiefs and made each of his siblings a Margrave in charge of that fief.

(141) Hans becomes Kaiser of Octhania.  Later known as “Hans the Admiral”, he became increasingly annoyed with Renosian pirates targeting his merchant vessels.  He starts training an elite group of sailors in naval warfare.  He then summons a portion of the Dragoon Armor’s “essence” and bestows it onto these sailors.  They are called the “Blue Tsunami.”

(190) Nikolaus II becomes Kaiser of Octhania. The only son of Hans is named for the founder of the nation. He becomes famous for leading the Blue Tsunami to victory in the Tsunami War three months after he is crowned.

Tsunami War. Renosia declares war on Octhania and sends its best military vessels to fight. Having built up a superior navy, the Blue Tsunami, the Knights of Octhania, prevent Renosian troops from ever even touching land. Renosia withdraws a month later.

(200) Blue War. The Corloin Gnolls begin to also engage in piracy. The Kaiser of Octhania sends a fleet of Blue Tsunami to take care of them, but they fail due to the gnolls' secret weapon: an elite group of fanatical lycanthropes known as Primals. The Blue Tsunami retreat and are unable to devote more forces to take care of this problem for fear of leaving themselves open for a Renosian attack.

(325) Kobold Migration.  Kobolds migrate all over the world to learn more about magic.  Some come to Octhania to study hydromancy.

(370) Tek Advances. Despite numerous setbacks, Tek advances to a point that it can almost compete with magic.

(627) Sojun I becomes Kaiser of Octhania.  The current Kaiser of Octhania ascended the throne at this time.

(631) Darkon Torrent born. The most famous pirate hunter in all of Octhania, Darkon Torrent, is born when his father, Scrag Dabloon the pirate, pillages the village of Chen and rapes his mother.

(651) Scrag Dabloon defeated for good. The pirate, Scrag Dabloon, had an annoying tendency to always return, even when killed. He was slain for good by his own son, Darkon Torrent. This act was but the first of some of the legendary feats Darkon would accomplish in his life.

(664) Dark Moons appear.  A cult known as the “Dark Moons” led by a man named Draska starts to build a renegade army.  They start to conquer small towns and enslave the inhabitants.  The Blue Tsunami is alerted and stops them.

Singing Sensation Appears. A young woman named Sarea Soulstaff begins to sing publicly in Octhania, under the name of 'StarTear.' She soon becomes so popular, she even performs for the royal family.

(665) Octhanian Advisor Exposed. An advisor of the Kaiser's court named Lyaros Thotos is discovered to have been funding his mother's cruel experiments on living beings. Lyaros and his mother, a fallen priestess of Ark named Benjamina, are both slain. Young Kendril Nuhivre becomes the new Prime Advisor.

(667) Last Threat Annihilated. What is considered to be the last, final pirate threat of Octhania is eliminated by the valiant Captain Darkon Torrent of the HMS Vendetta. Some of his crew pool their money and buy their own ship, which they dub the HMS Makeshift.

StarTear vanishes. The singer, StarTear, achieves a level of popularity most bards could only dream of. She becomes a household name within the nation. However, after a strange attack during one of her concerts, she is last seen boarding a ship and leaving the city of Griffos. Nobody ever sees her again.

(668) Ark's Love recovered. A young woman claiming to be the granddaughter of the infamous pirate, Scrag Dabloon (and the daughter of Darkon Torrent) claims herself the new Queen of the Pirates, and steals a valuable artifact known as Ark's Love from the island of Siik. The crew of the HMS Makeshift recover the item and drive the pirates away.

(669) Chaos Conspiracy. The crew of the HMS Shining Helm (previously the crew of the HMS Makeshift) are labeled outlaws for the killing of the Freiherr of Mond. In an attempt to clear their name, they escape to find proof. They head to the Corloin Sea and vanish; they are not seen again to this day.

Present Year. For all extents and purposes, this year is considered to be the 'present day' of Octhania.


Penny Festival. Dymin the 23rd. This celebrates the copper dragon mount of Nikolaus, founder of the kingdom. It's celebrated with a big parade while the people in the parade toss copper pieces (pennies) into the crowd for children to catch (sort of like in Mardi Gras, when they throw beads).

Day of Tragedy. Topas the 12th.  Everyone mourns those who were lost in the Carnage War (and any subsequent wars). There's fasting and lots of wearing black. It's a very solemn holiday.  Octhanians tend to have a ceremony near or at sea, since that's where they bury their dead.  Gnomes sit around a fire, since they incinerate their deceased.  Halflings bury their dead underground, so the ceremony is usually held near a cemetery for them.

Feast of Memories. Turquise the 25th.  This is kind of like Thanksgiving. You more or less just stuff your face with good food and drink. It's to help celebrate the gods' blessing and the knowledge that no matter how bad things get (famine, disease, drought, war, etc.) that in the end, the gods will bless the people with their bounty.

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