Zera Dabloon 
The Pirate Scion


Race:  Human
Class:  Thief
Kit:  None
Alignment:  NE
Level:  1
No. of Appearances:  2
Status:  Active


Appearance:  Zera is a very cute and petite girl, standing at a diminutive 5'4".  She has mischievous brown eyes and short-cropped brown hair.  Usually she wears a black bandanna and dark green clothes.  A cutlass hangs on her belt on her right side and a hand-crossbow on the left.  A doubloon pendant hangs around her neck. 

Personality:  Zera is a very greedy and driven young woman.  Her ambition to obtain gold is limitless.  She is a devote follower of the teachings of Ratak, God of Greed.  She hates "the law" and will do anything to make a constable look foolish.  She likes to spend her leisure time playing cards, bones, and other games of chance.

History:  Born twenty years ago, Zera grew up on the streets of Ladron of Renosia.  She was raised by an innkeeper there, having been left in his custody as a baby.  She grew up working there and learned some rudimentary brewing techniques.  When she turned 14, she learned her parents were pirates and decided to follow their footsteps.  She stowed away on a ship and eventually became part of the crew.  When she heard about a pirate in Gontoria named Dak Ralthin, she thought about joining him to learn more about her father, Darkon Torrent.  She was quite disappointed to learn that her father was actually a privateer--it was actually her grandfather who was a great pirate.

Once she made it to Octhania, she ditched Dak when his ship was attacked by gnolls and came across a young man who had lost his hand to pirates named Wyris Zander.  She convinced him she could restore his hand if he helped her build a great pirate crew.  Together, they stole a valuable artifact known as Ark's Love but the party managed to reclaim it.  They then tried to conquer a Silent Ray base island but again where thwarted by the party.  Zera was last seen escaping with a magical item and abandoning Wyris to the party.

DM's Commentary:  Zera was actually a PC of mine in the old chats who I decided to transfer to Octhania and use as a potential villain.  I managed to tie her in with Derigo's backstory.  I still have big plans for her later on.

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