Marylena Truebeard 
The Final Threat


Race:  Human
Class:  Fighter
Kit:  None
Alignment:  CE
Level:  8
No. of Appearances:  1
Status:  Dead


Appearance:  A beautiful woman in her early 30s.  She has cold blue eyes and her long brown hair is woven into a single tight braid that trails on the deck behind her as she walks.  She's armed with an exotic black scimitar and a lovely blue cloak hangs on her shoulders.  She wears green shorts and blouse and golden earrings dangle from her lobes, but she wears no armor. 

Personality:  Marylena is a cruel, greedy seductress who often relies more on her feminine wiles than her prowess with a sword.  She takes great delight in using and abusing men, which she considers inferior to herself because they are so weak willed.

History:  Marylena Truebeard was one of the most infamous pirates of  the mid-600s.  Many people often assumed she was a man because of her last name, and she would use this to catch her victims off-guard.  One such victim was the famous privateer, Darkon Torrent.  After killing most of his men and destroying his ship, she took him prisoner and seduced him.  In truth, Darkon only pretended to fall for her in order to get her to drop her guard so he could escape, which he did.  When the two met again, they fought in an officer's duel which ended with Marylena's death, as she had turned her back on her opponent, believing he was dead.

DM's Commentary:  Truebeard was just some pirate enemy of Darkon's I had cooked up, as I needed someone for him to want vengeance against.  I rather liked how everyone automatically assumed she was a man because of her last name.

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