Draco Comes Stabuli



Race:  Copper Dragon
Class: N/A
Kit:  None
Age: Unknown
Alignment:  CG
Level:  N/A
HP:  Unknown


Appearance:  Rudra appears as a young, pretty human woman with curly coppery-red hair and exotic hazel eyes.  The strange thing about her appearance is that people tended to forget what she looked like when she wasn't standing in front of them.  For a short while, she took on Ashling's features, but when Ashling died she reverted back to normal.  In her true form, Rudra is a beautiful and magnificent dragon with shimmering copper scales that catch the sunlight.

Rudra always came off as a very mysterious and playful person.  She loved jokes, riddles, and games.  She had some sort of prophetic powers, but she tended to keep them to herself.  Rudra had a love of life and found humans interesting and enjoyed working with them.

Little is known about Rudra's past or where she came from.  Apparently she was Penny's daughter and for some reason or another was traveling in human guise.  She helped lead the party to the Keys to Meer by using her prophecies and divination.  For each Key she led to the party, the party would 'sacrifice' a portion of their essence (body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit).  This helped Rudra become more human and escape her predetermined destiny.  When the party was about to reach the Temple of Meer, its guardian, Corloin, appeared and attacked the ship.  Rudra revealed her true form and fought the beast to the death.

DM's Commentary:
Rudra was just a hint of an even larger plotline that I hope to one day use regarding what ever became of all the dragons in the world.  It always struck me as odd that dragons were not only huge, powerful and super intelligent...yet they were not the dominant species on any world I could think of.  So I came up with a reason behind this which Rudra hinted at (something about a loss of destiny).

Rudra was mostly just meant as a guide that could lead the party where I wanted them to.  I sometimes used her as a way to speak my own thoughts on the party and the game, sort of like an avatar.

Immer:  Love
Ashling:  Friendly
Asa:  Friendly
Noor:  Friendly
Derigo:  Friendly
Karleigh:  Friendly

Favored Weapons:
Favored Spell:  N/A
Birthday:  Unknown
Zodiac:  Unknown

"I know many things."
"Humans are capable of the noblest good and darkest evil. Any human's soul can heal from its wounds, given time and love. It is not an easy task, though."
"The just...stops."
"A long time ago, my people's souls were imprisoned. Because of this, we could not interfere. We had no destiny. We were not permitted to change the world. That was a gift left to the lesser races. That's why I needed your help...your I could be free again."
"This is it for you, Corloin! Face the daughter of the great Penny!"

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