Mako & Hira Keeper
Magical Siblings



Race:  Human
Class: Mage and Priest of Baerin
Kit:  None
Age: 21 and 17
Alignment:  LN and LG
STR:  12 and 9
DEX:  9 and 16
CON:  14 and 12
INT: 15 and 12
WIS:  13 and 13
CHA:  14 and 13
Level:  3 and 1
HP:  7 and 4


Appearance:  Mako is a good-looking, lithe young man with friendly blue eyes and a cocky grin.  He has spiked brown hair and is clean-shaved.  He wears the navy blue robes with green trim that signify his membership in the Magi of the Deep Academy.  The faint scents of rhubarb and soot linger around him.  He keeps a dagger strapped to his wrist with a leather band.  His belt holds pouches that contain spell components.  Slung over his shoulder is  a pack that holds his spellbook and his magical wand.  He has sharkskin leather boots.

Hira is a cute young woman with brown pigtails and sharp blue eyes.  She has a small nose and thin, tight lips.  She wears the olive green robes of Baerin, God of Peace and Defense.  On her belt she carries a sling and a pouch full of polished stones.  She carries a medium shield with an open treasure chest engraved on it (the Keeper family crest).  She also has sharkskin boots.

Mako is cock-sure and confident.  He is used to being 'the best' and does not tolerate failure in himself.  He's somewhat vain, but generally a nice guy.  He's sensible and intelligent, but lacks field experience.  In battle, Mako relies wholly on his magic.  He's very close to his sister, and the two are adept at combining sorcery and prayer.

Hira is trained in many forms of diplomacy, but isn't known for using them.  She has a horrible tendency to look down her nose at people around her.  In battle, she tends to use a lot of protective prayers.  She is quite adept at fighting alongside her brother, Mako.

Born in 647 in the town of Hydris, Mako and Hira are the children of a Fathomer and a priestess.  Mako followed his father's footsteps while Hira took after her mother.  Mako joined the Magi of the Deep Academy where he became top of his class.  He was dorm-mates with Asa Reed.  Hira joined the Hydris Shrine, but her teacher believed she needed more compassion.  So Mako became her Templar and the two signed up on the HMS Vendetta.

After Darkon retired, the two returned to their home in Hydris to continue their studies.

DM's Commentary:
Mako was only created as part of Asa's backstory.  Somehow, he wound up joining the party.  I came up with the idea of his sister coming along to so he would have good reason to actually go out and adventure.

Mako had a magical item, a Wand of Steam, which was one of the four magical items I had created that combined with water (water/fire is steam).

Immer:  Indifferent/Cautious
Ashling:  Friendly/Indifferent
Asa:  Friendly/Cautious
Noor:  Cautious/Cautious

Favored Weapons:
Favored Spell:  Acid Arrow/Protection from Evil
Birthday:  Sardonx 8th/Bludsin 13th
Zodiac:  Renos/Gonto

"Real wizards, eh? Say, Asa...ever learn that one spell? You know, the rudimentary one that every wizard learns--Magic Missile?" - Mako
"I could take on anything that comes our way. I'm an accomplished magic-user." - Mako

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