Immer Dan'Tante
Son of the Sea


Race:  Human
Class:  Knight
Kit:  Blue Tsunami
Age:  28
Alignment:  NG
STR:  12
DEX:  10
CON:  9
INT:  8
WIS:  13
CHA:  17
Level:  7
Lvl 1:  10
Lvl 2:  19
Lvl 3:  23
Lvl 4:  32
Lvl 5:  37
Lvl 6:  46
Lvl 7:  52
Player:  Keith


Appearance:  Immer is 5'5" and 183 lbs. His weight is due completely to his muscles. Immer is in peak physical condition, and rippling with muscles. Years of hard training and swimming with weights and such has rendered him quite the muscle-bound person. But despite his muscles he moves with a certain agility. He has platinum blond hair and pale blue eyes. He is well tanned though, creating an odd look. His hair is cropped short, no longer than 2 inches. No facial hair to speak of. He is very pleasant to look at, and the form fitting leather armor is a nice touch.

The armor is dyed blue and stitched into the chest, in gold, is the symbol for the Blue Tsunami. The armor also will not rot in water. He is barefoot, and wears no gloves. His hands and feet are webbed.

Immer is quite the friendly fellow, and his charisma is not as much lustful, as it is friendly. It seems almost impossible someone could dislike him.  He has a very child-like view of the world, despite the fact he is nearly middle aged.  Immer is terribly gullible and naive, refusing to accept reality until he has his face rubbed into it.  He takes his job very seriously and has a great deal of confidence in himself.

  Immer Dan'Tante was born 28 years ago to a small fishing community known as Hafen. His father worked long and hard hours, and his mother was unfaithful and drunken. Immer did not play well with the other children, they were afraid of him. For you see he was born with webbed hands and feet. This was because Immer was actually the offspring of a Selkie who had an affair with his mother.  His human 'father' did love him yes, but they rarely saw each other while he was young. So, left with no one to raise him, Immer turned to the sea. He spent long hours swimming in the cold ocean, learning it's mysteries and wonders. Soon the sea became what would have been a loving aunt who spent all her time with Immer, and he was happy until...

Pirates raided the village, when Immer was 10, in mid-day when all the men had gone out to fish. Women and children were taken, all. All except for Immer, who was in the ocean at the time, and when he saw the pirates he swam away and hid. When the pirates left, Immer returned to the village as the men did, and relayed the story to his father and the rest of the men. Knowing the poor fishermen could not take on the pirates themselves, they sent Immer to go and fetch help from his namesake. He was met warmly enough, and reported all he knew to a Captain of the Blue Tsunami. The BT reacted swiftly and violently, catching the pirates unawares. The boats Seboldi and Immerfort's Pride captured the pirates and the townspeople were returned; raped, battered and bruised, but alive.

Immer did not go with them, instead clung close by the Captain who led the assault on the pirates. That captain was Zexlen Sahaugin Slayer. After spending time with the child, Zex could soon tell that the boy loved and respected the ocean on an innermost level. So Zex brought Immer up, with the help of his girlfriend Shand, because Immer's parent's were "not here".

And so it was that Immer would follow in Zexlen's footsteps and become a Blue Tsunami. Although Zex favored the rapier, Immer loved the Trident. Zex did not mind Immer's disfigurement; in fact he looked upon it with envy, as it was seen as a sign of good luck and blessing. At Immer's 23rd birthday he was declared a proud member of the Blue Tsunami, and in the years following that made an excellent BT, law abiding just, and skilled.

He joined the crew of the HMS Vendetta and served under the famous Captain Darkon Torrent when he was 26.  After Torrent defeated the pirate, Truebeard, Immer and his comrades put some money together and bought their own ship.  With Noor's support, Immer declared himself captain and began his own adventures.

While trying to track down a Gontorian bard named Sarea Soulstaff, he inadvertently discovered a secret cult known as the Codex Chaos that threatened the entire kingdom.  He became a renegade and an outlaw, hoping to defeat the Codex somehow.  He and his friends tracked down magical items called the Keys of Meer.  Eventually, Immer fell in love with a priestess of Baerin named Lotte Kaltwolke and the two were wed on his ship.

It was then Immer learned he was actually a half-selkie and that Das Dan'Tante was not his real father.  This, combined with a loss of faith in his gods and his country, made him rather moody and sullen.

Immer was last seen diving into the Corloin Sea in hopes of finding the entrance to Meer.  It was believed that the secret to defeating the Codex could be found there.  Whether he survived or not is still yet to be seen.

DM's Commentary:
  Immer was created, in part, to test out the Blue Tsunami class.  The class itself had many problems, most of which had to be fixed during gameplay.  However, I finally got it to the point that it was workable.  I liked how Immer grew as a person as time passed.  That's an important part of roleplaying that many people neglect.  He was the first character to ever get married in my games and the first to ever reach level 7.  Here are things that Keith needs to work on, though.  He seemed to have a lot of trouble roleplaying a romance.  Also, although his character has an INT of 8 and WIS of 13, Immer often acted like he had scores of 6 on both.  A score of 8 is average and a score of 13 is actually high.

Ashling:  Cautious
Asa:  Friendly
Noor:  Friendly
Derigo:  Friendly
Granite:  Indifferent
Karleigh:  Cautious

Favored Weapon:  Trident
Favored Spell:  N/A
Henchmen:  None (10)
Birthday:  Agate 3rd
Zodiac:  Octhanus
"That's some pretty revealing armor Ashling, does it do much beside drop Asa's jaw?"
"What in the name of the Kaiser's fuzzy hat!?"
"Argh! My brittle old-man nose!"
"In the Navy, you can sail the many seas! In the Navy, yes, you can put your mind at ease. In the Navy, come on now people, make a stand."
"The clouds are like the God's parchment on which they paint."

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