Granite Redhammer
Metal Crafter


Race:  Fangar
Class:  Priest of Kollak
Kit:  None
Age:  125
Alignment:  NG
STR:  10
DEX:  7
CON:  15
INT:  8
WIS:  11
CHA:  5
Level:  2
Lvl 1:  9
Lvl 2:  ??
Player:  Quinn


Appearance:  Granite is 4'10'' and has graying brown hair with blue flecks. His eyes are brown as well, but are somewhat dark and brooding. He is muscular and heavily built like most dwarves.

Granite is very antisocial for the most part if around people for a long while. As a priest, he promotes his god by deed and action rather than word. He speaks in a low, throaty growl most of the time and refers to everyone, even those older than him by lad, laddie, lass or lassie among other select titles. In battle, the aging dwarf is a calm eye in the middle of a hurricane. Never does his inner anger and fury enter into the battlefield as he learned the hard way from his brother's death...That keeping your head is the only way to win.

  Born in the year 942, Granite was raised by the Redhammer family in the northern Octhanian port town of Mond. The Redhammers in particular often specialized in metalcrafts and it was tradition for the first born son to become a priest of the patron of dwarves--Kollak. Granite's father was one--as was his grandfather and great-grandfather.

Like his ancestors, Granite also was initiated into the clergy. Although still just a lowly acolyte, he hoped to one day create a blessed armor that would earn him his place in the afterlife.

Unfortunately, Granite didn't have much chance to advance. His brother always got into trouble and Granite was always bailing him out.

His brother was something of a rebel and was infected with a serious case of wanderlust. He always wanted to travel the high seas, so naturally, Granite would go with him, playing the role of big brother.

Then tragedy struck. While on a merchant ship heading to Heaven Island, they were attacked by a hobgoblin pirate ship. The ship was called The Ruthless. Although in the end, Granite and his fellow crew were able to drive the hobgoblins away, it was not without cost. Granite's brother died in the attack.

Since then, Granite has continued sailing the seas to help promote his god and free trade. But also, he has always hoped to run into The Ruthless once more and have his revenge.  He got aboard another ship, but as luck would have it, this ship was attacked by gnolls.  Granite was the sole survivor and was rescued by the crew of the HMS Vendetta.  He traveled with them shortly, but eventually decided to stay in Immerfort and work on designing a special metal armor that could float.

DM's Commentary:
Granite's biggest problem was he really didn't fit in at all with the setting.  He was a priest from a foreign god who carried heavy weaponry, wore thick armor, and had no sailing skills whatsoever.  The player who controlled him eventually had to leave the game due to computer problems, so he wasn't there for more than a couple of sessions.

Immer:  Friendly
Ashling:  Friendly
Asa:  Friendly
Noor:  Friendly

Favored Weapon:  Maul
Favored Spell:  Bless
Henchmen:  None (2)
Birthday:  Ruebon 3rd
Zodiac:  Octhanus
"Ack! T’will not be taking this dwarf alive wolf man!"
"Face me ya piece of moldy flotsam!"

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