Asa Reed
Floundering Fathomer


Race:  Human
Class:  Mage
Kit:  Fathomer
Age:  19
Alignment:  CG
STR:  11
DEX:  9
CON:  13
INT:  12
WIS:  8
CHA:  7
Level:  5
Lvl 1:  4
Lvl 2:  8
Lvl 3:  11
Lvl 4:  13
Lvl 5: 
Player:  Eyal


Appearance:  On the short side of the height scale, measuring only up to 5'3", and of a chubby and big-chested appearance, Asa is at the peek of his teenage life. Despite his mother's attempts at teaching the lad some fashion sense, Asa prefers to wear the practical and plain clothes of the common folk. He does own an outfit or two of some style and fashion, designed by his mother, but most of the time he'll be caught wearing adventurer's brown leather trousers, basic leather shoes, a plain brown shirt, and a leather belt. On his belt hang a few pouches to hold his meager amount of spell components, some funky herbs and a bit of money. He wears a leather backpack padded on the inside, with many pockets both on the outside and on the inside. Who knows what he keeps in there, beside his spellbook! He has grey coloured eyes and dark blond hair which is kept short, for practical means, as he likes the water and tends to dive and swim quite often.

Personality:  A somewhat naive kid, immensely curious, unsure of himself at times when it doesn't deal with the fields of his knowledge and he generally takes things lightly. His outlook at the world is of an adventurer-wannabe. He wants to explore, and believes there's an infinite possibilities for new adventures and things to find out, and how else would he be? He's interested in the seas and their depths, unexplored territories to most creatures with fantastic and amazing possibilities.

History:  Asa Reed was born in the coastal village of Bredge, which is nearby Immerfort. His father, Brian Reed (45), is an owner of two fishing boats and a fishermen crew. His company mainly produces plain fish but their main income relies on the exotic sea fish and creatures they sell to Immerfort's high class palate. His 40 year old mother, Jemma Reed, is a seamstress, selling her clothes to the city-folk of Bredge. He has an older brother, 20, named Jared Reed. Jared is set to inherit his father's business.

When Asa became of age, he was sent to the Magi of the Deep Academy in Hydris to study to become a wizard. He spent four years there, occasionally returning home on holidays to see his family.

He adjusted to campus life well enough, and he was roommates with Mako, a very intelligent wizard who often inadvertently ruins Asa's self-confidence from time to time.

Deciding to take life into his own hands, he made some plans to get some 'real world' experience, something many of his classmates lacked. He packed up and headed to Immerfort to look for a ship to sign up on.

He signed up aboard the HMS Vendetta as a crewman, which was captained by the famous Darkon Torrent.  Asa learned quite a bit on this ship, and even had a hand in defeating the notorious Captain Truebeard.  Once Torrent retired, Asa kicked in some money with Ashling and Immer to buy the HMS Makeshift, a knarr vessel of their own.  Asa returned to the Academy and created a new spell that he only shared with Mako Keeper, his old dorm-mate.  Eventually the Makeshift was traded in for the Sacrifice and then the Shining Helm.  Asa was slain in 668 by the captain of the constables of Mond during an attempt to rescue Ashling from the Codex Chaos.  Nobody is certain what became of his body.  Immer sold off his spellbook and burned the rest of his possessions.

During the Night of Lost Souls in the same year, it was learned Asa's spirit had been captured by the Phantom Pirate, because Asa was a Faithless.  His soul was destroyed after the Phantom Pirate was killed, thus eliminating the chance for resurrection.

DM's Commentary:
Asa was created, in part, to test out the Fathomer kit, which I think worked out very well.  Asa had some very strange and unusual ideas (like building a lab on the ship or turning salt water to fresh without magic), but he never implemented any of them.  His death was the result of poor strategy.  Let this be a lesson:  mages should stay in the back, especially when they've all ready lost 2/3 their hit points.

Immer:  Friendly
Ashling:  Friendly
Noor:  Cautious
Derigo:  Indifferent
Granite:  Indifferent

Favored Weapon:  Dagger
Favored Spell:  Asa's Torrent
Henchmen:  None (3)
Birthday:  Agate 10th
Zodiac:  Octhanus
"Noooooo! Why! Why! That's so not faaaaaaair!"

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