Stone Soul
Spiritual Martyr



Race:  Human
Class: Fighter
Kit:  None
Age: 16
Alignment:  CG
STR:  12
DEX:  13
CON:  14
INT: 10
WIS:  8
CHA:  11
Level:  1
Lvl 1:  8


Appearance:  Stone Soul is a handsome young man, about 16 years old. He has a good build and brown skin, like most barbarians. He has black hair and eyes. He wears thick cougar furs to keep warm during the winter. Unlike many barbarians, Stone Soul's eyes shine with intelligence. He's roughly 5'7" and weighs around 120 lbs. He carries a spear with a stone head with him.

Stone Soul is a naive young man who doesn't fully understand the outside world, but is very curious and eager to learn.  While many barbarians try to avoid Eonian culture, Stone Soul was fascinated by it.  He made an effort to learn outsiders names, unlike most barbarians, and fought bravely despite his inexperience.

Stone Soul was the only son to the Chief of the Shunnen Tribe, Dragon.  However, during the 664 Dark Moons Invasion, Stone Soul's tribe was scattered to the four winds.  He and his father escaped, but the betrayer Red Fang caught them and slew Dragon.  Red Fang was about to slay Stone Soul and claim the Oct'kraz (the legendary axe-god of their people) when an Eonian human intervened and saved the boy.  He took Stone Soul to an orphanage in Griffos and kept the axe for himself.

A year later, the orphanage caught fire.  Stone Soul nearly died, but another barbarian, Bear Claw, rescued him.  She had been traveling with an assortment of Eonians, half-elves, and halflings in an attempt to reunite her clan.  Stone Soul told her of Red Fang's treachery, and she vowed revenge.  Believing that Stone Soul was next line to be Chief and afraid of leaving him in the hands of Eonians, Bear Claw took Stone Soul with her on her journeys.

Bear Claw found and reclaimed Oct'kraz, and came to believe she had been chosen as a messenger to deliver the axe to the next chief.  When she returned to Shunnen, she chose Stone Soul.  He challenged Red Fang, but the older, more experienced warrior easily skewered the boy.  Enraged beyond belief, Bear Claw challenged the false Chief herself.

Calling upon the ancient spirit-god of Dem'nos to give her strength, Bear Claw was surprised when it was the spirit of Stone Soul that entered her body, not Dem'nos.  Over flowing with power, she struck down Red Fang and avenged both Dragon and Stone Soul.  Bear Claw was deemed the new Chief and the spirit of Stone Soul empowered her favorite tomahawk, which she named after the young man.

DM's Commentary:
  Initially, Stone Soul was not meant to join the party.  I wasn't prepared for that, but it happened anyway, and he turned out to be an interesting character.  Would he have been a good leader?  I suppose that's something we'll never know.  But a part of him lives on within Bear Claw and her tomahawk.

Bear Claw:  Friendly
Abigail:  Friendly
Lorne:  Friendly
Damaen:  Friendly
Blexon:  Friendly

Favored Weapons:  Stone Spear
Favored Spell:  N/A
Henchmen:  None (4)
Birthday:  Amethyte 1st
Zodiac:  Crizza
Quotes:  (None worth mentioning)

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