Red Fang
Undeserving Usurper


Race:  Human
Class:  Fighter
Kit:  Barbarian
Alignment:  CE
Level:  6
No. of Appearances:  1
Alliance:  Shunnen Tribe


Appearance:  Red Fang is a handsome barbarian man of about 26 winters.  He has dark brown skin, several nasty battle scars over his body (yet his face is unmarred), and long black hair that flows behind him like a dark cloak.  He wields a massive bastard sword that anyone of lesser strength would have difficulty wielding.  He usually wears the furs and skins of a mountain lion.

Personality:  Red Fang can be described as arrogant, extremely superstitious, and even treacherous.  He believes that he and he alones deserves to lead the tribe and no hands other than his are worthy to hold the god-axe, Oct'kraz.  His fighting style relies on pure, brute strength.  He has no real tactics, so to speak, although he does have a tendency to use his size to intimidate his opponents before slicing them up.

History:  Red Fang grew up showing great potential as a hunter and warrior for the Shunnen Tribe.  He often picked on Bear Claw because she was short and a girl.  When the Dark Moons prepared their attack in 664, their scout encountered Red Fang.  Red Fang captured the scout and interrogated him, learning the Dark Moons plan to invade.  Red Fang then broke a deal with the scout.  He would tell them all the tribes' defense weaknesses, and in return, Red Fang would be allowed to escape and claim the Oct'kraz.  When the attack came, Red Fang helped the Chief Dragon and his son, Stone Soul, escape.  Once in the wild, Red Fang slew the old man and turned to kill the boy, as well.  However, an Eonian happened by then and fought Red Fang off.  Outraged, Red Fang now had lost not only his tribe but the god-axe, as well.  He searched the countryside for the child, with little luck.  Along the way, he encountered Bear Claw and her troupe and helped them fight off Swiggs in the Sandoom ruins.  After that, Red Fang decided that the Oct'kraz would never be found, so he returned to the mountains and began rounding up his people after the Dark Moons had been destroyed.  He declared himself the new chief, and since there was no Oct'kraz, no one could deny him.  But then, Bear Claw returned not only with Oct'kraz, but Stone Soul, as well.  The son of the old chief challenged Red Fang, and was promptly skewered.  Outraged, Bear Claw challenged Red Fang herself.  Due to a supernatural intervention, Bear Claw incinerated the false king and was declared the new chief herself.

DM's Commentary:  Red Fang first appeared in OC1 as an ally, but even then I had wicked plans for him.  The final battle with him was great and very dramatic; I loved it.

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