Other NPCs


Drehn Mahan (Human Fighter Level 5, LN)
    Captain of the Company of the Flaming Pike, a mercenary organization centered in Immerfort.  Drehn wields a magical bardiche that functions much like a Flame Tongue sword.  Drehn was assigned to capturing Kendril Nuhivre's would-be assassin who had escaped into the Hillos Forest.  He later was assigned to dig up dirt on Nuhivre's fellow advisor, Lyaros Thotos.  He also assisted Abigail, Aguru, and Bear Claw into breaking into Thotos Manor to free Abigail's mother.  (Note:  Drehn was recycled from an old story I had written about the Re'nos Ruby.  The story didn't work out too well, so I reused Drehn in this game.)

Balor Hobgoblinslayer (Fangar Fighter Level 2, LG)
    Second Lieutenant of the Company of the Flaming Pike.  Balor is a close friend with Drehn and a loyal warrior.  The son of a local weaponsmith, Balor proved invaluable not only for his battle prowess, but also his ability to supply a near unlimited supply of weapons to the mercenary organization.  He assisted Drehn on all his appearances throughout the last game.

Arn Kellos (Human Priest of Ark Level 1, CG)
    An acolyte of Ark serving under Lady Abigail of Deheune, Head Cleric of A'naka.  Arn is the son of a successful fisherman who has a great dislike for demi-humans and barbarians.  He tried to prevent Lorne, Bear Claw, Anya, and Balor from entering the A'naka shrine, but Abigail intervened and sent him to go get them all some tea.

Farzan Kobra (Human Fighter Level 2, LE)
    One of Lord Draska's Dark Moon Army's youngest generals.  He was assigned to A'naka and captured the entire town with great ease.  After the Dark Moons had been crushed, he sought revenge by trying to kill Kendril Nuhivre, the one who was credited with warning the kaiser of Draska's intentions.  He failed, and Kendril sent the Company of the Flaming Pike after him.  The Company chased him down to Hillos Forest.  Farzan, tired and weak from fleeing, was easy prey for some Blood Boar Orcs who were harvesting some lumber in the forest at the time.  With the help of Abigail, Aguru, Lorne, and Bear Claw the Flaming Pikes fought off the orcs and brought the beaten Farzan into custody.  Abigail healed him and questioned him, and insisted she accompany him to the capital to make sure he was given fair trial.  Last that was heard from him, he had been taken to the Immerfort Palace dungeons to await trial.

Mugs Amethyst (Gnome, Lawful Neutral)
    The Head Doctor of the Pum Medical Research Facility.  He was taking care of Bear Claw's sisters, Moon Tear and Tree Fire.  However, his bedside manner was lacking and he was so stuck up, that he didn't do very well at making them any better.  Luckily, Abigail was able to heal them.

Dias Steelmind (Gnome, Lawful Good)
    The Chief Engineer of Pum and also the Executive Chief of Command (mayor).  He made a deal with the party, allowing them some gnomepowder in exchange for helping clear out the local Onyx Cave of any Bullywugs or additional monsters.

Moon Tear and Tree Fire (Humans, CN and TN)
    Bear Claw's two younger sisters.  Moon Tear is 14 and Tree Fire is 9.  The two were used as laborers by the Dark Moons, forcing them to work in mines (because they were small, it made it easy for them to get around in the tunnels).  After the Dark Moons were crushed, they managed to escape, but Tree Fire had contracted a disease the gnomes called "Black Lung."  They were found by the gnomes and brought back to Pum for treatment, although couldn't seem to help too much.  Abigail healed the young girl and Bear Claw sent the two back to Shunnen.

Kyniska (Human Blade Level 7, TN)
    A mysterious woman who served the Advisor Thotos and was sent to spy on the party as they worked.  She escaped when the party attacked Thotos Manor and defected to serve Kendril instead.  Little is known a out her.

Akane Mazuki (Kobold, TN)
    A mother kobold with five children.  She's also the innkeeper at the Hydris inn.  Her oldest son, Shin Mazuki, studied at the Hydromancy Academy.  It's speculated he ran off to join the Tetra-Brothers under the alias of "Soak."  (If I'm not mistaken, "mazuki" is the Japanese word for 'water').

Irinn Tantangel (Human Fathomer Level 7, NE)
    Rival of Krista Corneria for the highest grade at the Hydromancy Academy in Hydris.  A vile, rude, and arrogant man who held a water rune, an item the party needed.  He agreed to hand it over to them, if Anya spent the night with him.  The party attacked the wizard and then took the rune from him, leaving him wounded.  He swore revenge against them all.  (Read the A'naka Dream story entitled "Political Intrigue" in the Literature Section to learn what became of Irinn.  Note:  Tantangel is the name of the first town you visit in Dragon Warrior I.)

Krista Corneria (Human Fathomer Level 7, LG)
    Rival of Irinn Tantangel for the highest grade at the Hydromancy Academy in Hydris.  A beautiful, orderly, and severely bureaucratic woman who held a water rune, an item the party needed.  She agreed to hand it over to them, if first the party would spy on Irinn and try and find out his weak point for an upcoming duel the two were scheduled to have.  After the party had signed all the proper paperwork (in triplicate), they decided to betray Krista and see if Irinn would hand over his stone instead.  When he didn't, they attack Irinn and took the stone.  Abigail told Krista the deal was off and broke the contract.  Krista swore revenge against them all.  (Note:  Corneria is the name of the first town you visit in Final Fantasy I.)

Timon Aquas (Human Fathomer Level 12, CN)
    The Headmaster of the Hydromancy Academy in Hydris.  A very easy-going guy who told the party where they might find a water rune.  He also had taken in White Mare, a barbarian woman who had been injured when she escaped from the Dark Moons.  He nursed her back to health, and the two fell in love.

White Mare (Human , CN)
    A barbarian potter who had escaped from the Dark Moons after they had been crushed.  She found herself on the shores of Octhania, near death.  A fathomer named Timon had been in that area, researching marine life, when he found her and brought her back to Hydris.  She was nursed to health, and fell in love with Timon.  Bear Claw was surprised to discover that White Mare was now carrying Timon's child.  She agreed to return to Shunnen, but wished to return to her husband as soon as Red Fang had been disposed.

Scot Potos (Human Priest of Ark Level 3, LG)
    Head Cleric of Siik Island.  Scot told the party the story of the Lost Temple of Ark that had been sunk into the ocean 40 years previous by Shez'kra the Sea Demon.  Inside the temple was a valuable treasure called "Ark's Love" that brought in many pilgrims, but since the temple had sunk, most people had stayed away from the island, fearing it was cursed.

Tara & Sara Bullring (Human Fighters Levels 9 & 7, NG & CG)
    A pair of sailor sisters aboard the HMS Bottlenose, as well as old friends of the party.  Tara is the merchant ship's Captain and Sara is the First Mate.  They met up with the party in Chen and told them where to find a coral drake.  They also made mention of a demon named Urso attacking the area lately.  The party again met up with them in Griffos, where they helped rescue the orphans from the burning building.

Amaida Scyphos (Human Fathomer Level 6, LG)
    A deepsea explorer and relic hunter.  She used to make ends meet by capturing urchin gems and selling them to the jeweler of Siik Island.  The party came to Siik searching for an urchin gem, but couldn't find any.  Hearing of Amaida, they went to her house.  She wasn't home, so they broke in, searched and looted the place, then blew it up.  Outraged, Amaida made them accompany her underwater into the Lost Temple of Ark to retrieve the relic called "Ark's Love."  Kalabin managed to steal an urchin gem from Amaida when she wasn't around, thus completing the party's original objective.  (Note:  Amaida had been intended to join the Flaming Pikes, had Anya not robbed and destroyed her house.)

Burning Tree (Human Barbarian Level 6, CN)
    A large barbarian man who carries a lucky trident he affectionately calls "Binkie."  He was extremely absent-minded and had a tendency to get amazingly lost, even while following the simplest path.  Somehow he managed to defy logic and wind up in the Lost Temple of Ark.  The party found him and helped him retrieve his Binkie.  Bear Claw then recruited him for her mission and sent him back to Shunnen.  Although it's not for certain, it's said Burning Tree arrived in Shunnen only hours before Bear Claw did.

Gul'tak Brightspear (Human, LN)
    The Margrave of Tancun and the owner of the Heaven Island Resort.  He is also a collector of rare, expensive items.  The party learned he had some ambergris in his possession, and went to Heaven Island to get some.  They won a contest that allowed them to earn an audience with the Margrave, and he gave them some ambergris in exchange for Lorne returning to tutor his daughter in music.  The party agreed.

Timea Brightspear (Human, CG)
    The daughter of Margrave Gul'tak, who's title is "Small Lady."  A lover of marine life and fascinated by the stories of adventurers, Small Lady gave Abigail a special rock called the "Eye of Valerdar."  This stone allowed Abigail to dream about her home when she was away.

Sten Clearflag (Human, LG)
    The innkeeper of the The Sleeping Eye, the inn of Griffos.  He loves the Solstice season, and is very generous with freebies that time of year, as the party soon came to learn.

Orphans (Humans, NG & CG & LG)
    The three orphans the party managed to rescue from the orphanage fire in Griffos were Alyssa, Emy and Quinn.  Stone Soul was also among them.  (Note:  Alyssa, Emy, and Quinn were all characters from the same story as Drehn, the one about the Re'nos Ruby.  But since that story was chucked, I recycled them into this campaign.)

Jeena Hifuture (Human, LG)
    The innkeeper of the E'kaii Inn.  Being a gossip, she knew everything about everyone and proved very useful to the party with all her information about the town and its woes.  She was easily wooed by Blexon's elven charm.

Paule Tigerblade (Human Fighter Level 4, LG)
    The sheriff of E'kaii who assisted the party in their endeavor to save the town from its trio of troubles:  the wyverns, the witches, and King Rabbit.  He had quite a thing for Abigail, much to Aguru's chagrin.

Bunni Sunheart (Human, NG)
    The cousin of Paule Tigerblade, who had been put under a wicked curse by the Magi Sisters.  Abigail managed to lift the curse, bringing her back to full health.  Bunni agreed to act as a liaison between the villagers and the witches, hoping to create a truce.

Lara Lavender (Human, CG)
    The owner of the E'kaii supply shop.  She was King Rabbit's favorite wench.  Despite the way he treated her, she even tried to protect him from the party when they came after him.

Mikil Bearbeard (Human, CG)
    One of the few surviving lumberjacks of E'kaii.  He helped lead the party to the witches home (but not all the way, of course.  Just far enough.)

Rabbit Foot (Human Barbarian Level 10, NE)
    Rabbit Foot was known as "King Rabbit" among the people of E'kaii.  After he escaped from the Dark Moons, he made his way to E'kaii and discovered the town was dying out because of some wyverns living in the nearby forest.  He fought the wyverns off, and was rewarded heavily.  Seeing a free ride, Rabbit Foot would always drive off the wyverns, but never killed them.  This way the town needed him.  He took advantage of this and took all the wine, food, and women he wished.  He was finally stopped when the party took him on, and Bear Claw cut him down herself.

Magi Sisters (Human Wizards Level 7 & 7, NE & CN)
    (Note:  Cyndi Magi is discussed with her own profile, so I shall only speak of her sisters here, Thelme and Bezzra.)  The magi sisters were a trio of witches that lived deep within the Spore Forest, just outside of the logging community of E'kaii.  They didn't like the idea of lumberjacks cutting down their trees, so they began putting curses on the villagers.  The party came to stop them, and Bear Claw discovered the witches had her parents under some kind of mind control.  However, things worked out unusually peacefully (mostly thanks to Damaen's diplomacy) and the witches agreed to stop cursing villagers and restored Bear Claw's parents' free will.

Drum Song and Two Deer (Humans, CN & CN)
    Bear Claw's parents who escaped from the Dark Moons and found themselves near Spore Forest.  Once there, they began hunting for food and the Magi Sisters found them and ensnared their minds with their dark magic.  The two became mindless automations that the witches used to tend to their garden.  Abigail managed to free Drum Song and Damaen convinced the witches to restore Two Deer.  Bear Claw then sent them back to Shunnen to await her return.

Barlemus Wharfman (Human Goblinslayer Level 6, LG)
    Barlemus is a Gontorian who came to Octhania to start a new life.  He lucked into the position of sheriff at Wallark where he has done rather well for himself since.  When the party passed through Wallark, he asked Abigail to marry him and his fiancÚ, Sidera Leonelle, as the head cleric was out of town.  Abigail agreed, but Sidera was kidnapped by a pair of evil ogre brothers.  The party helped Barlemus track her down and free her, and then Abigail married them.  He also was the one who rescued Stone Soul and the Oct'kraz (quite unknowingly) from Red Fang.  He later gave the Oct'kraz to Bear Claw after she won in a sparring match with him.  (Note:  Barlemus Wharfman was a PC of mine that I used to use quite frequently at the old Lost Souls chatrooms.  I wanted to create a little closure for him, so I used him in this game.  The players were quite surprised to see him, as they all thought he was still in Gontoria.)

Shia Wharfman (Human Thief Level 2, CG)
    Shia is Barlemus' little sister.  When Barl was a boy, he left home to find adventure.  While he was gone, elven terrorists attacked their town and killed their parents.  Shia escaped, but was later captured and sold into slavery by some hobgoblins.  Years later, Barlemus learned what happened and tracked her down.  He killed the hobgoblins and set her free.  When Barlemus decided to move to Octhania, his sister naturally went with him.  He made her his deputy and the two have been fighting crime in Wallark ever since.

Sidera Leonelle (Human Priestess of Daeoro Level 2, NG)
    Sidera is a goddess of a woman with beautiful red hair.  Originally, she was a prostitute in Gontoria.  However, upon meeting Barlemus Wharfman, she managed to change her ways and became an acolyte in the order of Daeoro, Goddess of Love and Beauty.  After several murder attempts from her sisters, Barlemus convinced her to come with him to Octhania to start a new life.  She agreed, and the two were married there.  (Note:  Sidera Leonelle is, in fact, a character Heather used to play in the old Lost Souls chatrooms.  I even let Heather NPC her in the campaign.)

Scooge (Goblin Fighter Level 2, NE)
    Scooge is a goblin outcast that Barlemus 'liberated' back in his goblin hunting days.  He took Scooge as his ward and made him run errands and other things of that manner.  Resentful of this treatment, he secretly cut a deal with the Ogre Brothers and kidnapped Sidera.  Barlemus and the party managed to rescue her and kill Scooge and the Ogre Brothers.

Cold Boar (Human, CN)
    Cold Boar is the shaman of the Shunnen Tribe.  He met up with Bear Claw in Wallark and told her that she had to decide who the next chief was by bestowing the Oct'kraz to them.  When Bear Claw slew Red Fang, he decided that Stone Soul's spirit was now inside Bear Claw, which made her the new chief.  While he has no real powers to speak of, he is very wise and mysterious.

Nacea Curevoice (Human Priestess of Ark Level 8, LG)
    Head Cleric of the illustrious Immerfort.  Nacea was promoted to this rank after Abigail had been promoted to Head Cleric of A'naka.  She told Abigail more information about her mother and what really happened to the Ronir family, albeit a bit reluctently.

Killer Snake (Human Barbarian Level 6, CN)
    A very greedy woman barbarian warrior who became obsessed with the acquisition of coins and gems, or 'shinies' as she called them.  The party encountered her on their chase of Kalabin, fighting a basilisk.  She believed the basilisk to be 'Do'kuu' the trickster god, and wanted to kill him so she could get more shinies.  She told the party Kalabin had been by there, and tricked her out of some shinies.  The party left her to the basilisk cave.  No one knows if she succeeded in killing it or not.

Kendril Nuhivre (Human Mage Level 3, TN)
    Once a companion of the party, he was now an advisor on the kaiser's court.  Jealous of his rival's prestige and fame, he plotted to get rid of him, using the party as pawns to do so.  He is now First Advisor, the kaiser's favorite, and even wealthier and more famous than before.

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