Rogue Lyrist



Race:  Half-Elf
Class: Fighter/Thief
Kit:  None
Age: 50
Alignment:  CG
STR:  13
DEX:  17
CON:  14
INT: 12
WIS:  5
CHA:  6
Level:  4/5
Lvl 1/1:  7
Lvl 1/2:  8
Lvl 2/2:  9
Lvl 2/3:  10
Lvl 2/4:  12
Lvl 3/4:  14
Lvl 4/4:  15
Lvl 4/5:  18
Player:  Eyal


Lorne's previous bio can be found here.

:  After a year's passing, Lorne is now 51. After the party delivered the information to the kaiser (thus playing a minor role in the downfall of Draska and his Dark Moon Army), the party broke up. Lorne didn't know what became of his companions.

He trekked to Soshun, but was sadly too late. His halfling friend who gambled too much, Marthan, had both of his legs broken. Feeling ashamed for not making it in time, he promised him he would find the bandits who did this and avenge him.

He spent a year tracking them down, spending a large sum of his own resources. Not finding any leads, he decided to head toward the tiny town of A'naka to find a little help.  There he was reunited with Abigail, Anya, and Bear Claw.  The four, along with some new companions, discovered a means to make a lot of gold.  Deciding that he'd need the money for his search, he agreed to it.

Along the way, though, he discovered the band responsible for Marthan's loss of limbs:  The Scry Bats.  They were a group of bandits and brigands who lived in the Central Frontier and robbed anyone passing through.  But lately their attacks had become more organized and discreet.  Upon reaching the Scry Bat's lair, Lorne discovered why:  The had acquired a new leader, Gunn of the Dark Moons.

In a thrilling duel, Lorne defeated Gunn single-handedly and avenged his friend.  After collecting his reward money, he parted ways with his old companions and returned to Heaven Island to keep a promise he made to the Margrave Brightspear--to tutor his daughter, Timea "Small Lady" Brightspear, in the art of music.

DM's Commentary:
  As usual, Lorne seems to be rich in luck.  We started to call it the "Luck O' The Elvish,", especially after Blexon started rolling some amazing rolls himself.  (Sadly, Anya never seemed to possess this trait).  Lorne has shown a penchant for thinking outside the box and has proven himself resourceful more than once.  The Orphanage Fire scene was particularly emotional for him, as was the duel with Gunn.  But will these dark events infect him?  Will the "Darkness of Kulak" infect his soul?  And will he ever learn the origin of his birth?  Guess we'll find out sooner or later.

Anya:  Indifferent
Bear Claw:  Cautious
Abigail:  Friendly
Damaen:  Indifferent
Blexon:  Indifferent

Favored Weapons:  Composite Long Bow
Favored Spell:  N/A
Henchmen:  None (2)
Birthday:  Turquise 22
Zodiac:  Rabbah
"I don't like going blindly into battle...with huge, flying lizards."
"Look, she's a bit on the off side...You know, her boat rocks differently." (Referring to Anya)
"Goblins.  I'm working with goblins."  (Referring to his fellow party members)
"Pressure finally got to her." (Referring to when Abigail started speaking to animals)
"Right.  Can you do anything useful?  Because...I'm not going anywhere near a wyvern if you can only make puffs of smoke come out of its ears."

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