Drill Tigereye
Pyromaniac Chef



Race:  Gnome
Class: Fighter
Kit:  None
Age: 82
Alignment:  CN
STR:  13
DEX:  16
CON:  12
INT: 17
WIS:  7
CHA:  6
Level:  4
HP:  29


Appearance:  Drill is of typical gnomish stock, other than her very small nose (by gnome standards).  She has light brown skin and white hair that is usually dirty and kept cut short and under her leather cap.  She stands 3'3" tall and weighs around 82 pounds.  She carries an arquebus and an auto-crossbow, as well as several gnomebombs.  She reeks of gnomepowder and tends to be covered in ash or soot.

Because of her small nose, Drill is considered very ugly to other gnomes.  This is what led to her harsh personality and bad attitude.  Her chaotic nature makes her as volatile as her gnomepowder, and she has an odd love for blowing things up.  She also has a penchant for overkill.

Born in 583 in Pum, Drill grew up in a restaurant where her parents worked.  She was constantly picked on because of her small nose.  Having been a bit unstable to being with, this drove her toward the edge.  She developed an interest in explosive devices and powerful weapons.  She began hunting bullywugs and other monsters in the Onyx Cave and hiring herself as a mercenary.

In 665, a group of adventuring humans, half-elves, and halflings came to Pum in search of gnomepowder.  They were sent into the Onyx Cave to clear out the monsters first.  They teamed up with Drill and were successful in their endeavor.  Drill was amazed to find that these nongs (non-gnomes) treated her rather well and never even mentioned her small nose.  Learning that one of them was also a mercenary, she agreed to sign up with the group called the Flaming Pikes.

Unfortunately, the other Flaming Pike and her got into trouble with the law and were forced to leave the party.  The other Flaming Pike, Anya Marit, turned on Drill and tried to kill her.  Drill managed to escape and made her way to A'naka, where she nearly died of exposure.  She was taken in by an acolyte priestess and cared for.  The humans in A'naka did not approve of having a gnome in their village, so she was hidden at the local tavern where she helps cook meals in secret while she recovers from her wounds.

DM's Commentary:
  Drill was one of several possible recruits for the Flaming Pike I had placed for Anya to find, but Drill was the only one that was actually recruited.  I thought she was pretty fun to play, but teaming her up with Anya of all people just tended to cause trouble--explosive trouble.

Bear Claw:  Indifferent
Abigail:  Cautious
Lorne:  Indifferent
Anya:  Friendly

Favored Weapons:  Auto-Crossbow
Favored Spell:  N/A
Henchmen:  None (2)
Birthday:  Dymin 9th
Zodiac:  Gonto
"Wow, and you didn't even need explosives!"

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