Aguru Smallfoot
Loyal Templar



Race:  Halfling
Class: Fighter
Kit:  Slinger
Age: 26
Alignment:  NG
STR:  12
DEX:  16
CON:  13
INT: 9
WIS:  11
CHA:  9
Level:  3
Lvl 1:  10
Lvl 2:  16
Lvl 3:  25


Appearance:  Aguru is obvious not a typical halfling.  He's very tall for one of his kind.  He has curly brown hair and serious, but compassionate brown eyes.  He wears an A'nakan Militia uniform, which is green and brown.  He wears no shoes.  He keeps all his gear in his backpack except his sling, which he likes to keep on his belt.  Standing at 4'2" and weighing only 62 pounds, Aguru is both tall and slender when compared to the average hobbit.

Aguru is very mature for his age.  He puts a lot of emphasis on duty and protecting what he loves.  He still blames himself for Bovai's destruction and this weighs on his shoulders.  He's rather serious and athletic for a halfling.  He tries very hard to fit in with his human companions, but he still finds himself treated more like a servant than a friend.  When something upsets him, he tends not to outright say so, and instead broods over it quietly.  While his people look to him as a leader of sorts, he seems to have no friends among them--rather spending all his time with humans.

Born in 640, Aguru was raised in the small halfling village of Bovai.  He grew up unlike his kin, always exercising and training.  While his family and friends saw him as something of an oddball, they still accepted him.  He joined the Bovai Militia and worked his ways up the ranks until he was captain.  In 664, a renegade army known as the Dark Moons invaded and destroyed Bovai and killed most of its inhabitants.  A group of humans led by a priestess named Abigail Deheune intervened and fought off the Dark Moons.  She even healed Bovai's cleric, Daisey Sunray, before departing.  A few weeks later, Aguru helped lead the survivors up to A'naka, a human village on the coast, and settled there.

In 665, a group of adventurers came to A'naka, seeking Abigail Deheune's help.  She agreed and chose Aguru as her unlikely templar.  Honored, Aguru swore to protect her life with his own.  They party set out to gather some mystical components for a magical potion, but Aguru silently objected to their methods.  After collecting all the items, Aguru's cousin, Kalabin, who had accompanied them, stole the items and ran off.  The party tracked him down and retrieved the goods.

After collecting their reward, Aguru helped Abigail on a mission to rescue her mother.  They then returned to A'naka to attempt to live a normal life.

DM's Commentary:
  I first created Aguru years ago as an innkeeper for a halfling village, but I liked the character, so I reinvented him for the campaign.  When it came time for Abigail to choose a templar, I set up many possible choices, including the PCs themselves, but somehow I knew she'd choose Aguru--and she did.  He's not just a meat shield, though.  He's a very complicated character with a complex past that has yet to be delved into.  I'm hoping to one day explore this character further, either in the campaign or perhaps in a story.

Bear Claw:  Friendly
Abigail:  Friendly
Lorne:  Indifferent
Anya:  Indifferent
Damaen:  Indifferent
Blexon:  Indifferent

Favored Weapons:  Sling
Favored Spell:  N/A
Henchmen:  None (3)
Birthday:  Onix 2nd
Zodiac:  Crizza
"All unrequited."

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