Tek Engineer Kit

  Created by Matt_ice0777

Attached to:
Fighter (single-class only)

Requirements: The character must be gnomish and have an INT of 14 or more.

Taking/Abandoning: To take or abandon this kit, the player simply announce so.

Description: While many gnomes practice the creation and usage of Tek, not many devote their lives to its practice. The gnomish Tek Engineer is the equivalent of a specialist when it comes to Tek.

Role: The Tek Engineer is technically a fighter, but is hardly a swordsman. The Tek Engineer relies almost entirely on machinery and innovation to carry him through life.

Weapon Proficiencies: The Tek Engineer must take a proficiency in some sort of firearm.

Nonweapon Proficiencies: (Required) Tek Engineering. (Recommended) Fire-building, Reading/Writing.

Equipment: Standard.

Special Benefits: The Tek engineer must start with the Tek engineering proficiency. For an engineer, additional slots only cost a single slot. Also, unlike standard gnomes with the proficiency, the tek engineer suffers no -5 penalty to proficiency checks. The Tek engineer is automatically proficient in any weapon he creates. Lastly, when determining what type of tek the gnome is capable of using and creating, the tek engineer is effectively 2 levels higher than his actual level. The tek engineer automatically starts with a gnomish porto-lab.

Special Hindrances: The tek engineer is a fighter, but his martial training is at best limited. He can not specialize in any weapon due to his constant need to improve his fighting ability by making better weapons rather than perfecting his use of a preexisting one. Though he is a fighter, his lack of pursuit toward direct physical combat leaves him somewhat less conditioned than the normal fighter. As such, he only rolls 1d8 for HP. Bonuses for high Constitution are still run with the fighter class though. When dealing with non-gnomes, the tek engineer has effectively half his charisma score due to his odd nature and obvious connection with Tek. Lastly, it is virtually impossible for a Tek engineer to hide the fact that he works with Tek.

Wealth Options: The Tek Engineer receives the standard 5d4x10 gp starting money allotment.

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