Baerin Priest Class


Status:  Lesser Power
Sphere of Influence
:  Peace
:  Male
:  Lawful Good
:  Twin Paradises
:  Carbuncles

Description:  Baerin is the only male of the Divine Siblings of the halfling religion.  Baerin represents peace, guardianship, diplomacy, and defense.  He teaches that war should always be a last resort and that violence never solves anything.  Baerin is said to appear as a young child (human or halfling) with freckles, blond curls, blue overalls, a straw hat and a weed in his mouth to chew on.  His seneschals are the Carbuncle, a race of cute animals that serve as guardian angels to those in danger.


Priest Alignment: Lawful Good
Flock Alignment: Any but evil or chaotic
Minimum Ability Scores: Wis - 10, Cha - 12
Races Allowed: Halflings, Humans
Nonweapon proficiencies required: Law
Nonweapon proficiencies recommended: Modern Languages, Etiquette, Local History, Beauracracy, Reading/Writing, Religion.
NW Crossover: General/Priest
Duties: Guidance to the flock (advise, council, etc). Performing marriages. Missions: The priest often accompanies parties of war or groups of adventures to try and bring about peaceful solutions to as many situations as possible. Vigilance against forces or individuals who seem to stir up trouble continually and needlessly.
Weapons permitted: Lasso, sling.
Armor permitted: All non-magical armor and shields.
Combat Abilities: Medium
Other limitations: Whenever they appear in public they must carry their holy symbol. The holy symbol of a priest of Baerin is his shield. It can be any kind of shield (buckler, small, medium or body). It is needed to cast certain prayers, just like a regular holy symbol.
Major Access Spheres: All, Guardian, Law, Divination, Protection
Minor Access Spheres: Wards, Charm, Healing, Necromantic
Granted Powers: Charm/Fascination three times a day. From 1st to 4th level, they receive one extra language proficiency per level. Soothing Word three times a day effecting up to 2 HD per level of creatures. At 5th level, can cast Protection from Evil once a day. All priests of Baerin receive a +1 to shield punch and shield rushes.
Followers/Strongholds: At 8th level receives one 5th level priest, three 3rd level priests, and sixteen first level priests. Priest pays for half of stronghold at level 8.
Symbol: Shield
Clothes: Olive Green
Central Temple: Immerfort
Paladins:  Standard
Beliefs: Priests of Baerin work to keep things peaceful. Remember, though, that they are not stupid. They do not presume that every fight can be avoided; when it's obvious that a situation will descend into violence regardless of their best efforts, they don't have to continually badger other players into not fighting. They do have to try to preserve the peace when it can be preserved, and to prevent unnecessary violence when possible.

1st - Bless, Combine, Detect Evil, Purify Food & Drink, Command, Remove Fear, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Detect Snares & Pits, Endure Cold/Heat, Protection from Evil, Sanctuary, Cure Light Wounds, Invisibility to Undead, Anti-Vermin Barrier, Weighty Chest, Sacred Guardian, Ring of Hands
2nd - Enthrall, Hold Person, Augury, Detect Charm, Find Traps, Know Alignment, Resist Fire/Cold, Withdraw, 15' Radius Silence, Wyvern Watch, Slow Poison, Aid, Calm Chaos, Frisky Chest, Zone of Truth, Sanctify
3rd - Locate Object, Speak with Dead, Dispel Magic, Magical Vestment, Remove Curse, Remove Paralysis, Negative Plane Protection, Glyph of Warding, Cure Blindness or Deafness, Cure Disease, Feign Death, Rigid Thinking, Efficacious Monster Ward, Invisibility Purge, Squeaking Floors, Thief's Lament, Zone of Sweet Air, Line of Protection
4th - Detect Lie, Divination, Reflecting Pool, Tongues, 10' Radius Protection from Evil, Spell Immunity, Compulsive Order, Defensive Order, Focus
5th - Atonement, Commune, Magic Font, True Seeing, Dispel Evil, Champion's Strength, Impeding Permission, Unceasing Vigilance of the Holy Sentinel, Thoughtwave
6th - Blade Barrier, Heroes' Feast, Find the Path, Speak with Monsters, Legal Thoughts

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