The following is a list of all the locations the party traveled to in the Octhania Campaign.

    A tiny sea-side village between Soshun and Lilly.  It's so small, it's hardly worth mentioning at all.  This is the hometown of Anya Marit, Abigail Deheune and Kendril Nuhivre.

Mishkas Swamplands
    A mysterious and haunted swamp inhabited by the Lizardmen.  It's south of the Hillos Forest, which is south of A'naka.

    A small halfling hamlet deep within the Central Frontier.  It was destroyed in 1064 by the Dark Moons Army, led by Swiggs.

    A small town in the Central Frontier with a great bakery.  This is where Biggs and Wedge were killed by Burn of the Tetra-Brothers.

Sandoom Plains
    A vast veldt within the Central Frontier.  An ancient abandoned city known as Sandoom rests here.

    A small port town on the southern coastline.  The HMS Bottlenose frequents this area.

HMS Bottlenose
    A merchant ship run by the lovely but tough Bullring sisters.

    The capital city of Octhania where the royal family resides.

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