Other NPCs


Abus (Human, LG)
    The inn-keeper of Wallark Inn.

Aguru Smallfoot (Halfling Slinger Level 2, NG)
    A young hobbit who was captain of the militia of Bovai.  He accidentally beamed Kendril in the head with a rock when he first met them.  He blamed himself for not being able to protect Bovai and fought alongside the party when Swiggs threatened the hobbits a second time.  He vowed to protect the other Bovai survivors after that.

Daisey Sunray (Halfling Priest of Ark Level 3, NG)
    The village priestess of Bovai.  She had been knocked into a coma during the Bovai Invasion of Draska's Dark Moon Army.  Abigail managed to heal her when the party passed through.  She turned out to be the source of morale and hope for the survivors of Bovai, and helped them carry on after the attack.

Deacon Whitestaff (Human Priest of Valerdar Level 2, CG)
    The innkeeper of Chen Inn.

Eigaar (Halfling, LG)
    A baker from Wallark who specializes in cookies.  Bear Claw was his best customer.

Koland (Human Mage Level 4, LN)
    The most powerful wizard of Wallark and owner of the mageware shop.  He sold components to Abigail and Kendril.

Koy (Human, LN)
    The fat and balding owner of Wallark's General Store.  He was based off Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.

Liuna (Human Priest of Baerin Level 1, CG)
    A young acolyte of the God of Peace studying in the Wallark Shrine.  She helped perform the last rites of Biggs and Wedge and oversaw their funeral.

Marvis Nuhivre (Human Mage Level 11, CN)
    Kendril's father, a highly respected wizard from A'naka who keeps the Sahuagin away.

Minna (Human, NG)
    A purple-eyed girl, Abus' daughter.  The Wallark Inn's waitress and maid.

Nacea Curevoice (Human Priest of Ark Level 5, LG)
    The village priestess of A'naka.  She was Abigail's trainer.  She transferred to Immerfort after she escaped from the Dark Moon Army.

Ponto Forestwalker (Halfling, NG)
    A halfling child, one of the survivors of Bovai.  He asked Lorne many questions.

Red Fang (Human Barbarian level 3, CN)
    A barbarian warrior from the Tribe of the Bear, a clan of barbarians from the Shunnen Mountains.  He was traveling back to the mountains after he escaped from Draska's army.  He and the party met in the Sandoom Ruins and were ambushed by Swiggs.  Red Fang fought along side the party to defeat Swiggs and his Titanic Spider Tank.  Afterwards, he resumed his journey to Shunnen.

Swiftus (Human, NG)
    Owner of the Chen Rations Store.

Tara & Sara Bullring (Human Fighters Levels 9 & 7, NG & CG)
    A pair of sailor sisters aboard the HMS Bottlenose.  Tara is the merchant ship's Captain and Sara is the First Mate.  They helped transport the party from Chen to Immerfort in exchange for the party serving onboard.  When the ship was attacked by Soak, the crew and officers fought with the party to destroy the hydromancer kobold.  Afterwards, Sara gave her composite short bow to Lorne as a gift.

Tatts (Human Priest of Ark Level 5, NG)
    The village priest of Wallark.  He gave Abigail guidance and a couple of vials of Holy Water when the party was in Wallark.

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