Abigail Deheune
Stressed Leader


Race:  Human
Class:  Priestess of Ark
Rank:  Acolyte
Age:  19
Alignment:  NG
STR:  8
DEX:  11
CON:  9
INT:  13
WIS:  16
CHA:  12
Level:  3
Lvl 1:  8
Lvl 2:  9
Lvl 3:  10
Player:  Heather

  Abigail is a pretty young woman with long dark brown hair that sways as she walks and hazel eyes full of compassion for all life.  At six feet high, Abigail towers over most people.  She always wears her sky blue robes and ivory holy symbol, shaped like a horseshoe.  She keeps a lasso looped on her belt and usually carries a quarterstaff.

 Personality:  Abigail is a caring, compassionate girl who has a great respect for all living things.  She carries many burdens on her shoulder, and often took the role of leader when no one else would.  She makes for a good leader, though, because she appeals to everyone's values to help them work together.  She is a mediator, always trying to help resolve differences without resorting to violence.  Sometimes she gets too stressed and when this happens, she tries to push leadership on someone--anyone--else.  Her fighting style is purely defensive.  She never draws a weapon until she's out of prayers.  She prefers using Light to blind opponents or Faerie Fire to scare off less intelligent foes.  Mostly, though, she stays in the back and heals the wounded.

 History:  Abigail was born in 645 in the seaside village of A'naka.  She was raised by her parents, Iden and Evelyn.  Having a strong compulsion to help people, she started studying in the local shrine to Ark, Goddess of Healing.  She was a fast learner, and soon had reached the rank of Acolyte, which allowed her to channel divine power.  She was taught how to heal and develop medicines from Nacea Curevoice, Head Priestess of A'naka.

In 652, when Abigail was 7, her mother mysteriously vanished with no trace.  Her father spent years looking for her, eventually resulting in his death.  After that, Abigail's brother, Arlyn, raised her.  However, this was no easy task, as he also runs the local inn.  So once she became old enough, Arlyn arranged a deal with the richest, most popular man in town:  Marvis Nuhivre.  The two arranged to marry her to Marvis' son, Kendril.

In 664, the warlord Draska and his Dark Moons Army attacked A'naka.  Abigail was captured but managed to escape with a few others.  Under her reluctant leadership, the group managed to trek through Octhania's dangerous Central Frontier to warn the kaiser and ask him to mobilize his troops.  Along the way she helped heal a halfling priestess of her order and made some valuable allies.  Despite all obstacles, Abigail and her chaotic companions made it to the capital city, and the Dark Moons were crushed by the Blue Tsunami.  After accepting her reward, she was promoted to Cleric and sent back home to help rebuild and repair and be the new Head Priestess of A'naka.

DM's Commentary:  Abigail is an essential part of the party.  Without her, the other PCs would have done nothing but bicker and fight each other.  Because she's a priestess, it's very easy to build stories around her.  Heather didn't seem to have much trouble fleshing her out and finding her bearings.  Plus, she's helped me a lot in fleshing out the Ark religion.  My advice to her for the second game is to gain a better understanding of her prayers and abilities.

Anya:  Indifferent
Bear Claw:  Friendly
Lorne:  Friendly
Kendril:  Friendly

Favored Weapon:  Quarterstaff
Favored Spell:  Cure Light Wounds
Henchmen:  None (5)
Birthday:  Agate 22
Zodiac:  Octhanus
"I feel like I'm taking care of...five year olds."

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