The following are rules one must follow to join the campaign of Lost Souls.  Unless all rules are followed, joining is not permissible.

1.  Characters can only be created using Method III (3d6, arrange as you like) of the 2E Player's Handbook, unless the DM gives special permission otherwise.  Once a character is rolled up, the player is to send to me the character's complete bio:  appearance, personality, and history.  A player cannot enter the game until this is done.

2.  No imported characters!  All characters must be rolled up in front of the DM and approved by him.

3.  All players are expected to show when the game starts.  If you are too tardy or tardy often, we'll just go on without you.

4.  The game session starts at 5 PM Pacific (7 PM Central), every Wednesday, unless stated otherwise in the forums.  It usually lasts until 9 or 10 that night; sometimes earlier, almost never later.  If that's a problem for you, it's probably best you don't sign up.

5.  As the DM, I call the shots.  It's my game, my world, my campaign.  My say is final.  If you feel I've made a mistake or done an injustice, you may come see me about it before or after a game, but not during it.  I try and listen to any input my players give, and try to make them all feel included and treated fairly.  If you think I'm not living up to that promise, let me know over IM or PM.

6.  All players must sign up at the forums.  Downloading AIM or YIM  isn't essential, but will make things easier.  You'll also need to download OpenRPG in order to participate.

7.  Lost Souls is built on 2E rules.  It's assumed that the rules in the PHB, DMG, and MM apply in Lost Souls unless the Amtar Handbook says otherwise.  All players should at least glance through the Amtar Handbook (AHB), so they have some understanding of the world of Amtar and how it works.  I do not use any Player's Option rules, so don't ask.

8.  There are only five slots for players.  That means no more than five players can be in the campaign at any given time.  If you wish to join, and all five slots are occupied, you will be put on a waiting list.  If a player is expelled or drops out, you'll be contacted in order of when you sign up.

9.  To sign up you can either email me ( or you can ask on the forums either in private with a PM or in public in the Soulstaff Forum.

This is a roleplaying game, and as such, I have some rather high standards on how it's run.  This is not, I repeat, not a series of random dungeon hacks strung together.  My games tend to have deep, complex storylines.  I expect players in my game to create detailed and dynamic characters who develop as the game progresses.  Anyone looking for a Monty Haul powergame can keep looking--there are plenty of those out there.  Those who are only interesting in killing things and collecting treasure need not apply.  If, however, you are interested in roleplaying, character development, and interaction with both PCs and NPCs, then we might have a place for you here.

11.  Anyone who attempts to derail my game intentionally, whether out of boredom or maliciousness, will be instantly banned.

12.  Leave your problems and your baggage at the door.  If you have a problem with me personally or any of my players, do not let it seep into the game.  Either learn to deal with it, attempt to rectify it, or just leave.

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