Wizard Spell List


Spells that are italicized are Elven spells only.  Spells in all caps are researched from past players.  Asterisks denote a spell that is reversible.  Feel free to ask the DM what any spell does.  I've only listed the first three circles for now.

1st Circle
Affect Normal Fires Enlarge* Mount
Alarm Erase Nyssa's Magical Aura
Alter Instrument Featherfall Phantasmal Force
Armor Find Familiar Protection from Hunger and Thirst
ASA'S TORRENT Fire Burst Protection from Evil*
Audible Glamer Fist of Stone Read Magic
Burning Hands Friends Shield
Change Self Gaze Reflection Shocking Grasp
Charm Person Glide Sleep
Chill Touch Grease Spider Climb
Chromatic Orb Hold Portal Spook
Color Spray Hypnotism Sound Bubble
Comprehend Languages* Identify Taunt
Copy Jump Tears of the Crocodile*
Corpse Visage Light Telendrin's Floating Disc
Dancing Lights Lasting Breath Unseen Servant
Detect Disease Magic Missile Ventriloquism
Detect Magic Mending Wall of Fog
Detect Undead Message Wizard Mark
Diving Rod Metamorphose Liquids
2nd Circle
Alter Self Glitterdust Protection from Paralysis
Bind Ghoul Touch Pyrotechnics
Blindness Hypnotic Pattern Ray of Enfeeblement
Blur Ice Knife Ride the Wind
Camouflage Improved Phantasmal Force Rope Trick
Choke Insatiable Thirst Seeking
Continual Light* Invisibility Sense Shifting
Deafness Irritation Scare
Death Recall Knock* Silence, 15' Radius
Deep Eyes Know Alignment* Shatter
Deeppockets Levitate Spectral Hand
Detect Evil* Locate Object* Stinking Cloud
Detect Invisibility Loya's Trap Strength
Detect Life Magic Mouth Summon Swarm
ESP Mako's Acid Arrow Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter
Filter Methuselah's Earthen Grasp Vocalize
Flaming Sphere Mirror Image Web
Fog Cloud Misdirection Withstand Water
Fools' Gold Past Life Wizard Lock
Forget Protection from Cantrips Whispering Wind
3rd Circle
Alamir's Fundamental Breakdown Hovering Skull Protection from Normal Missiles
Blink Illusionary Script Pressure Resistance
Bone Club Improved Magic Mouth Secret Page
Clairaudience Infravision Sepia Snake Sigil
Clairvoyance Instant Audience Slow
Daos' Cold Shoulder Invisible Mail Snapping Teeth
Delay Death Invisibility, 10' Radius Sombra's Creeping Shadow
Delude Iron Mind Spectral Force
Dispel Magic Item Spirit Armor
Explosive Runes Lightning Bolt Suggestion
Feign Death Loya's Tiny Hut Tongues
Fireball Mako's Minute Meteors Vampiric Touch
Flame Arrow Methuselah's Stoney Grasp Wall of Sound
Fly Monster Summoning I Water Breathing
Gust of Wind Non-Detection Watery Double
Haste Pain Touch Wind Wall
Hold Person Phantom Steed Wizard Sight
Hold Undead Protection from Evil, 10' Radius* Wraithform




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