Humans are perhaps one of the greatest mysteries of the world of Amtar.  No one can say for sure where they came from or how they obtained their unlimited potential.  Humans have no pantheon of their own.  Many primitive tribes came up with their own unimaginative gods, which were really nothing more than names with spheres of influence attached.  Upon being exposed to the gods of the demi-human races, they adopted their religions and attempted to meld them into one (which later was called the Magistrate Church).

While humans possess no special abilities or connection to the land like many of the demi-human races, they do have some very unique characteristics.  For one, humans seem to have an unlimited potential despite their very short lifespan.  A human can progress much further in abilities than any demi-human can.  Another strange curiosity about humans is they have the capacity to become a priest of any god they encounter.  This is indeed something to point out, because every other race is only capable of becoming priests of the gods that created them.  A halfling cannot become a priest for a dwarvish god, for instance.  However, a human could become a priest for a halfling, dwarvish, elvish, or even goblin god.

Also, humans seem completely unpredictable.  While most elves are good and most hobgoblins are evil (yes, there are a few exceptions here and there), humans can be just about anything:  lawful, chaotic, good, evil or neutral.  They have no specific tendencies and one cannot rightfully judge all of mankind on one human’s actions.

There are seven types of humans, which will be discussed as follows.

Eonians:  Eonians are the most common type of human—the kind that dominate the five kingdoms.  Eonians have white skin and range between 5 and 6 feet tall.  Their hair is usually blond, red, black or brown.  Eye color ranges from blue to green to brown or hazel.  An exceptional few humans have grey eyes and even fewer have violet eyes.  (Grey eyes are considered a sign of wisdom and violet eyes are considered a sign of intelligence.)    Eonians first appeared in the kingdom of Gontoria.  From there they built a massive empire known as “Eonia” that spanned all five continents.  The Eonian Empire fell during the Carnage War and split into the current Five Kingdoms of Amtar.

Icemen:  Iceman is the name given to the ice barbarian tribes of the Crizzian Kingdom.  They are a fierce race of humans who make their homes in the frozen tundra.  They value war and honor over all else.  Icemen generally range around 6 feet tall.  They tend to have reddish brown skin and are more muscular than the average Eonian and the males always have beards.  Many scholars believe that Icemen derived their society from the dwarves.  Icemen often raid Eonian towns and are considered a great nuisance by the government.

Amazons:  Amazons is the name given to the female warriors of the Gontorian Kingdom.  Scholars still debate whether these tribes actually exist or not, as there are only a handful of sightings of these elusive humans.  Amazons are said to be made up entirely out of women—which bring up many questions, like how do they reproduce?  Legends say that amazons have hair colors of red, blue, green, brown, white, black and blond.  Eye color is the same as Eonians.  No one knows where Amazons live (if indeed they do exist), but some claim they make their home in the forests and have a deep connection with nature.

Barbarians:  Barbarians or “Mountain Men” dwell in the kingdom of Octhania.  Barbarians are a dark brown-skinned race of humans that can often be found in Octhania’s two mountain ranges.  They tend to have either black or brown hair and brown or green eyes.  Scholars believe that Barbarians derived their culture from the Orcs, or perhaps it was the other way around.  Barbarians are very primitive and have a deep fear of magic and demi-humans.

Slaves:  Slaves is the name given to the black-skinned race of humans that are often found in the Renosian Kingdom.  They are called such because they have been enslaved since the days of the Empire by the Eonians and then later, the Renosians.  Slaves are a very spiritual people who even after centuries of oppression have never given up hope of freedom.  Many slaves escape into freedom by taking to the sea and forming their own pirate crews, preying on their former masters.  They have dark hair and eyes and hold a deep distrust of Eonians.

Nomads:  Nomads are only found in the kingdom of Rabbah.  Nomads have a light tanned skin and dark hair and eyes.  They often make their homes in the deserts and as their name implies, they are wanderers.  There are few Nomad settlements.  They have a deep love of magic and the exotic and can easily mingle with the local Eonians.  They are also a very competitive race and never back down from a challenge.  Some scholars think they derived their cultures from the Kobolds, although they deny such.

Savages:  Savages are a new society that was recently discovered a few years ago.  Savages live far out in the Outer Islands on the outskirts of the ‘known’ world.  They have a deep, dark brown skin and generally stand over six feet tall.  Their hair color is always black and their eye colors tend to be brown, or on the rare occasion green.  Little else is known about them.

Humans are by far the most flexible and easiest race to roleplay. There is no wrong way to play a human.


Height - 60/59 inches + 2d10
Weight - 140/100 pounds + 6d10

(The first number is for male, the second for female, since females tend to be shorter and lighter than males.  Add 12 inches to the total of any Savage.)

Infravision – None

Childhood = 1-10
Adolescence = 11-17
Adulthood = 18-29
Middle Age = 30-45
Old Age = 46-59
Venerable Age = 60+
Maximum Age = 60 + 2d10

Starting Age:
Fighters, Priests, Thieves, and Bards start at 15+1d4
Rangers start at 18+1d4
Wizards and Paladins start at 20+1d4

Ability Score Adjustments:

Ability Scores:
No minimum or maximum

Classes Allowed:
All Classes are allowed
No Multi-classing
Dual-Classing Allowed

Level Limits:
None (Retirement is expected by level 18)

Special Abilities:

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