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Download section partially finished (June 21, 2003)


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 Welcome to All About Harvest Moon!!


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All About Harvest Moon is a site dedicated to the wonderful game of Harvest Moon. This site has been up since June 28, 2000. If you're new at this site then here's the paragraph you would want to read. The left column contains all the info for the games, interacting with the site, and downloadables for your computer. The right side contains the links to other fan-sites. Enjoy!

A.I.M. = xyoungxxlinkx


Old News


June 19, 2003 (2:17 p.m. pacific time)
Hey everyone, I'm working as hard as ever! (Kind of) and well I've gotten all the links up except Site Chat under the Site navigation up. More to come later. Bye!

Wait wait! I forgot something. Remember those autumn leaves I had? Well they're back on the splash page! I also included a midi that's going to be featured in my game! Toodles!


June 18, 2003 (1:05 p.m pacific time)

Good day to everyone!! Summer is here and there's nothing to fear! I've finally got the new layout up but I haven't set up the links yet. Right now I think I'll start to make a game about Jack. I don't know how big or long this game will be so the completion dates won't be official. Have a nice day!


May 4, 2003 (8:33 p.m. pacific time)

Well! I've gotten Friends of Mineral Town!! If you'd like special info on it just go to it under the games section.

May 1, 2003 (4:03 p.m. pacific time)

Hey everyone, just to let you know, I'm still working on this site. (duh) and that my birthday is coming up!!! Its on May 6. So say happy birthday by emailing me or me at or at xyoungxxlinkx on aim. See ya!

April 26, 2003 (12:42 p.m. pacific time)

Hello everyone, I've added a wild fire network link to the splash page and have added them to the networks column on the right. Also, if you guys have any questions you can aim at xyoungxxlinkx or email me.

April 23, 2003 (9:22 p.m. pacific time)

Hi everyone! I've made an online quiz for you guys! Go ahead and take it!

Click here to take it!!

April 19, 2003 (10:51 a.m. pacific time)

I've got a new and first sister site! That's Ann's Farm! Also I've created a network! Or you can say a web directory, Its called Night Fire Network!

April 16, 2003 (6:32 p.m. pacific time)

Hello everyone! I've noticed that the game I've made doesn't work.... Well I'm making a new one and this one works! I just need to finish it. Also, downloads section might be closed for sometime because I lost everything in my computer.... C ya

April 13, 2003 (1:07 p.m. pacific time)

Hey you guys, as you know, I've finished my game! But just to let you know there could be some bugs in there so, jus to let you know

Download the game!

April 11, 2003 (9:41 p.m. pacific time)

Hiya, sorry about the long no update thing but I've been soooo busy with making my new game! Its called Harvest Moon: Secrets of the Crystal Orb! I think this is a pretty fun game, I'll put it up on the site when its done so you people can download it. Toodles!

April 5, 2003 (10:32 a.m. pacific time)

Hey everyone! I'm glad to be back! For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about then well my computer died and I lost my site so I had to do all this stuff to get my site back. Well nothing is really new, but I'm planning to make a site that's not about Harvest Moon but is still apart of this site. Its going to be called "Sacred Forest Meadow" and it'll be about the Legend of Zelda games.

March 29, 2003 (9:26 a.m. pacific time)

Hey everyone! As you've noticed I've taken all the old updates away from this page, but you can always access them on the link under "Updates." See ya ^_^




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