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Alexus St. Claire

From across the busy casino you meet the eyes of a beautiful young woman. You walk over to her table and join her card game. She continues to win but convinces you it must be a lucky streak. She seems to like you as she lets you escort her to your car. You take her back to your hotel room. Little do you know you've just made the most fatal mistake, and now you are playing for your life. Alexus was born  in Las Vegas Neveda and was brought up there by her family, who had a reputaion for being successful professional gamblers. Alexus was a natural at casino life and her sexy yet innocent look allowed to her get away with anything, almost. She quickly learned all the tricks to the trade and most important on of all, how to beat the house. One day her luck changed. One night she met Luc Martins, a very suave and mature man, easy prey for Alexus. Little did Alexus know that Luc was playing a completely different game, he took her aside and sired her into the unlife. With her skills and Luc's cunning they made a killing. One day tired of all the games Luc left. Alexus decided to take the gamble and follow him. She is now in New Bremen and is loving the small city, drinking her fill of it literally.

By Atheneum