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Acacia Phoenix

Race: Human

Abilities: Sign Language

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 105 pounds

Weapons: none

Rank: N/A

Age: 21

Acacia was sold at the age of eight years old by her own mother to a vicious man. Her mother was poor and needed the money. Unfortunately that is how it was in those days.

The man made a slave out of Acacia the moment she became his property. She was forced into servitude and had to be at the man's beck and call and do whatever he wished. What he really enjoyed most from Acacia was her pleas, her cries and her anguish. He tortured the poor girl for many years until she finally stopped doing the very thing he enjoyed. She stopped crying, and screaming. She made herself stop talking and for the remaining years in his company. This of course infuriated the man and only urged him on to make the torture more sadistic and gruesome. She still remained quiet, not wanting to give him the satisfaction he so easily took from her previously.

She spent her days as a maid, mindlessly going about her chores thinking, hoping, and waiting for the day that her mother would come back for her. That day never came. After one particularly bad night of his tortures, she knew that she had to get away. She waited for him to fall asleep and broke the shackle around her ankle that was attached to his bed. Acacia then carefully crept out of his room and then out of his castle. She trusted no one for fear that they would bring her back to him, so she remained alone.

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