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Here's the page with all my Zjack Flash. I apologize for using Angelfire as a Mirror, but as you can imagine, the bandwith of these flash animations is more than I'd care to spend on I'm afraid I must also apologize for the Angelfire banners, however, the price is quite right. Id also be happy to post non-crappy flash of others. And, for the extreme lazy people, I've even included a screenshot of each flash.

#1. My first Flash movie
Check it out; kind of funny. This movie featured my very first attempt at digitally drawing my James and Richard characters into Flash 5.0.

#2. The Battle Against Bill Gates
"That's right. Just a good samaritan trying to help out computer users everywhere." I wanted to do something with guns and weapons, but I needed someone to do it to. After one viewer commented, 'why are you torturing that guy?' I replaced the stickman victim with a picture of Bill Gates. Note: This picture is a diss to Bill Gates. I don't like him and his Windows ways.

Stick Figure Action!
"Follow the adventures of my possibly copyright-infringed hero as he battles against the forces of evil!" The very first appearance of Stick Man. I personally feel this is my best work, although it comes before the tribute to Unreal Tournamnent. Download is about 1.5 megs, so any sucker with a dialup modem get ready for a wait.

FA|StickMan & Unreal Tournament FA_StickMan.swf
Stick Man makes his second appearance in this shout out to "Fallen Angels" (my old UT clan) as well as to Unreal Tournament in general. A few laughs for UT fans, but much of the character humour is lost on non-FA members.

Stick Figure Action Two. That's right. Stick Man's back, ready to kick ass and chew bubble gum against all the other evil coloured Stick Men out there. Here's a screenshot from the upcoming Stick_Figure_Action_2.SWF, but the final release of SFA2 will be awhile. A long awhile.