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Just off from Ponderosa, near the boarder of Pines County, there rests Whispering Pines Ranch. You see long, twisting paved road. The sign above it reads "Wispering Pines Ranch". You turn onto that road and go under the sign. To both sides of the road are large and some small evergreen pine trees. When the breeze shifts them they seem to wisper, both to you and about you. Finally the paved road twists and you see the main "village" of the ranch.

Dang, gotta finda new pic!

Practicly a small town itself, the first thing of Whispering Pines Ranch you see is a big two story building with a large parking lot in front of it. A wooden sign tells you that this is the lodge. From the road to the lodge and the parking lot it self, branch both paths and roads. Down one you see a sign saying "The Barn" another "The cabins" A sign off a path says "The forest" and two paths that branch from that have signs reading "Alocka Lake" and "Peacefull Meadows" After taking a look at some of the other signs you pull up to the lodge Next to a sign saying "All new guests can check in here!"

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