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Last Updated: 07/01/04
Since March 25th, 2001

Before the town of Whispering Pines was incorporated in 2003, Whispering Pines Ranch had been a flourishing dude ranch in the northwest of the United States. Now it's the sight of some of the most stunning training barns around. Enjoy!

Noticed that the site images weren't working. They should be okay now, right? Right-o! Also, summer is a time of vacations, so be a little lenient on posts and replys.

Shows & Events
Pines County Classic Shows are coming soon! Keep an eye out for dates. Please check out our abbreviated prize list
here. If you don't see the class you want to enter, please let Jilly Dearest or The Nameless Wonder know.

The Daily Dirt needs you!
If you like to write, even a bi-monthly training column or anything about your char, send an e-mail to Jilly Dearest. We need stuff! Anything!

Active Check is going on!
No, for real, people. We need y'all to come and post your stats if you are actually playing here so we have an excuse to update the site. You won't appear on the Members Page if you don't reply to Attendance Checks.