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Rules must be followed, warnings will be used as punishment and in extreme cases You CAN be thrown out but I am not very strict at all. Sence this game is new the rules are constantly being edited. HEre they are, in no order:

1. NO dirty pictures, like not a lot of blood and stuff and of obviously other worse ones to...

2. Swearing is to be kept to a very very minumium, even more so than the ranch, I mean these are wolves we are being here, plus younger kids often like to play the wolves

3. Please no other animals besides wolves. Maybe a few diffrent ones here and there but not very many.

4. No humans, even if its just temporary, it gets out of control

5. I've never seen a problem with this but just so you know that long breeding crap is allowed but only inside I mean NOTHING on the outside (subject line)

6.Talking is allowed

7. No Mysics, evils, spirits, magic wolves. None of that just real life wolves

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