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The Way It Works This game might be diffrent from other wolf games, I'm not sure, I havn't had much experince with wolf games so I am open to all sugestions, I need them! Anyways, I made this page so any one new can understand how to go about playing this game (this page won't be pretty lol)

Okay first you join, obviously. Next you probably want to go to The Grove, the Main board. Here is where most packs are, or at least start. You may get invited into a larger pack with a territroy from the main board. Or you can also try to start your own pack, whatever, just try to be realistic please.

Some packs have there own board. If you have a big pack and you want your own board. Just ask me either thru e-mail or on the main board. I may or may not let you have one. Depends on size and more importantly how you play and how active you are.

okay for now that all I have, just because I don't even know how this game is gonna work sence it is so new but we'll work it out! :)

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