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WPR's Vet Hospital


Welcome to WPR's Vet Hospital. We will do anything needed to keep your animal happy and alive. We have a staff of certified-for-their-work vets with knowledge and experince of what to do. Our vet hospital is speacialy designed for horses. We have state-of-the-art equipment for them and you rarley have to leave the ranch for a tretment. We can also do a lot of dogs. But, you can bring in any pet and we will see what we can do. There are two parts to Wispering Pines Vet Services.

Main Office
Making appointments
Regular check ups
Phone calls
Permission into vet barn
Most surgerys
The main office is most of the vet hospital. When you first walk in you see the main desk. Ask the secratary here for whatever you need. Most of the time a vet will be avalible and you won't need to wait. After that the vet will tell you what to do.

Vet Barn

Some surgerys
To visit your horse if you have a pass
Getting horse out
Taking care of your horse

The vet barn is dived into sections, to prevent spread of viruses. One section is devoted totally to foaling. We reccomend you not ask to have your horse put in here unless she is know for bad birthing or if she is youg, sick, old, weak or undernurished. You must also ask for permission to enter most sections of the barn. We will tell you if your horse is going to be kept in an open section otherwise check in at the main office first.

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WPR's Vet Hospital

Main Vet Office
Vet Barn