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*~Travis Decker~*

Name: Travis Decker
Age: 20 years
Gender: Male
Apperance: Dark brown/black fairly short hair. Always done in a spikey fasion. Average build and hight. Pretty strong. Sometimes wears a lip ring on the corner of his mouth on his lower lip. He's usually sporting the classic knock-off look of the late punk scene, leather jacket, concert tees, black jeans, high-top sneakers, a few spikes, etc. Considered, by most, 'hot'.
Personalitly and Characteristics: Travis is always laughing, makeing jokes and haveing fun. He likes to make trouble but just in little ways. He's generaly considered irreasponsible and sometimes a screw-up but he obviously doesn't care. He loves to party and hang out with the girls and 'play around' but for the most part is pretty true and honest. He's obssessed with skateboarding and debateing weather or not to attempt getting a sponser. Afterer skateboarding his next favorite thing to do is play his guitar. He played bass in a few garage band that never really did anything besides break up and disolve. Now he still practices constantly on bass guitar and once in a while on aucustic guitar. He loves to jam but hasn't found a lot of people to do it with. He's over all a pretty good person but He sometimes can work up a temper, and then you need to watch out.
History and Background: He mainly grew up in California, around San Diego. His dad left the scene when Travis was around 12. His mom took care of him and his siblings but she had quite a few problems of her own. He was always getting in trouble at school and once in a while with the law, and just barely graduated highschool, late. Moveing in and out of his mom's place for a while he finally just 'ran away' leaveing his job, friends, and basicly life. Driving pretty much aimlessly with his best friend and band-mate, 'Pick'. The pair basicly just stumbled across the ranch and Pick decided to stay, allthough Travis wasn't quite sure about it, or know why pick would want to stay there. But, after getting settled in a little he conformed realitvley well to ranch and he and Pick moved into a house with Mandy, a girl they met skateboarding at the local park, who Travis has gotten quite close to.


Name: Travis and Pick fight over names for him but both kinda agree on 'Torn"
Age: 10 months
Gender: Male
Breed:Tawny Boxer
Personality and Characteristics: Due to little training, Torn is always getting in trouble. But he's overall very friendly and loves to be around people
Appearnce: Pretty well bred with nearly breed standard colors. He's nearly the size of an average full grown Boxer and seems to still be growing. His ears were never cut or posted so remain flapped over. Travis and Pick usually keep a black leather spiked collar on him.
History and Background: Pick and Travis decided they wanted a dog. They saw an add in the paper for boxer puppys and saved up the 300 dollars for him. Travis thinks it was a stupid buy. After Travis and Pick got him they left for their 'road trip' so Torn spent part of his life on the road.