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*~Terra Black~*

Name: Terra Black
Age: 19 Years
Gender: Female
Personalitly/Characteristics: Terra is generaly quiet but is very outgoing, when she needs or wants to be. She judges everything and everyone around her. But, her judgements are always thought out well and are most often true, though the occasinal person can trick her. Because of her habit of studying people and things to make a judgement she almost will never stereotype(sp?), causeing her to have various kinds of friends and experinces. She trys not to get real involed with things or people until she has made her judgement, thats the main reason why she is so quiet. Terra is a very inteligent person and is able to play with peoples minds... and sometimes she will. In that way she can be a bit of a tease. She trys to always be polite and friendly, but be cautious... if she feels you need one she will be quick to give you a hurtfull realitly check.
Background and History: If looking over her history, you will find nothing that really stands out. She grew up with horses, up until about a year or two ago, when her family moved. She got serious with horses, and showing. But not real passionate(sp?). Then when she graduated from high school she moved into an apartment near by her parents. Now she is moveing again, deciding to see how she can make it on a ranch.

*~Terra's Horses~*

Pop Punk

Registered Name: Pop Punk
Barn Name: Punk, But Terra calls her an assortment of diffrent names
Age: 5 Years
Gender: Mare
Appearnce: Blue Roan, Bald Faced, White Markings, Mixed mane and tail. 16 hands
Training: She's trained in a lot of diffrent western events, though still is a little green in a lot of them. She excels at Barrel Raceing and cutting because of her hot nature, for the same reason she sometimes has problems with pleasure, halter, conformation showing, and reinging.
Breed: Tennesse Walking Horse
Background and Personality: Terra purchased this mare through the ranch that she got another one of her horses, Midnight RockMusic. She saw the mare was for sale and decided to get her. She seemed like a good investment. Terra worked and exercised the mare as much as possible and found she had great potentail. But, being busy at the ranch with other things, and Midnight RockMusic, Terra decided it would be a good time to breed her. Not wanting to spend the money on a top lined walker stallion, Terra decided on a local Hackney stallion with a good western background and a great temperment. Pop Punk and Terra are eagerly waiting the birth of the foal. The mare has the sweet and friendly nature of tennesse walkers but also the hot and ready-to-run nature. The mare sometimes gets an attitude when you ride her and needs a strong hand to hold her back.

Midnight Rock Music

Registered Name: Midnight RockMusic
Barn Name: Music or sometimes Rocky
Age: 6 years
Gender: Gelding
Appearnce: Grey (Black), 15 hands, white markings, nice big build.
Training: Quite good, advanced in a number of western events. Excels in all of them but is especialy good with reigning.
Breed: Tennesse Walking Horse
Background Info and Personality:Terra had riden Music before for competitions and things. She had a lease on him for a while. When the lease was up her family moved and he went back to his owner. When Terra found out she was comeing to the ranch she contacted the owner about buying him and was able to. At the ranch, he escaped his barn and coliced heavily after getting into some food. It put a strain on his training but he was able to make a full recovery. He's very calm and cool. He makes a great kids horse and never bucks. His willing to work and learn.

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