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WPR Registration and Shows

This is another thing I know little about, shows and registration. I'm open to all suggestion in the lodge. I just might not use them lol. This system is nothing like the RL system so make sure you understand it. I think I made it more RP friendly then a lot of games but *shrug* whos to say? So anyway feel free to look around. A lot of info is on the boards. (Humans do not register. ) (Oh, yeah and I know the layout is stupid just like all the other pages but its the content that matters right?)

Dog Registry
Sign Ups
Stud Books

Awarding and Points
THe points for an average show are:
4 points- 1st Place
2 Points- 2nd Place
May vary depending on the show
Winners are for the most part picked RANDOM! sometimes Previous points may play a role. Otherthings they may play a role in genaratying winners (rarely) are If you've broken any rules, have been horribley lucky or unlucky, have been extremly unactive (or maybe even extremly active), or if I just like or just don't like you.
Okay the last one I was just jokeing. But Yes, everything is fair.
If you have a problem with points and winners 1. Its just a game. 2. Tell me about it in the lodge or e-mail me. Thanx!
Winners are posted in the lodge and on Eveents Page