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*~Riley Lawrence~*

Name: Riley Anna Lawrence
Age: 19 Years
Gender: Female
Appearance: Her hair, usually somewhere inbetween light brown or dark blonde, is usually laying flat against her head and resting against her shoulders. Little make-up is coating her features, maybe a thin layer of eye shadow and some masscara(any one ever try to spell that before?). She's most often found wearing clothes that are both suitable for ranch work and neat enough for service work. Often loose fitting jeans and mini-tees. Her body, built average size used to be a little on the heavy side but sence 'the ranch' she's thinned to the point of 'skinny'. Allthough usually somewhat drab or average her second version that she can quickly transform into with a little makeup, a curling iron, and her party clothes can be quite attractive.
Personalitly/Characteristics: Because of her past and involvment(sp?) in a service buisness Riley has learned to have no feelings besides happiness(sp?). Of course on the inside sadness, fear, anger and irritation are constantly tormenting her but even her closest friends only get glimpses of these feelings. She is very friendly and a nice person. This is only aggsaterated(sp?) by a false front almost to a point of annoyment(is that a word?). She tries her best to keep the life of a normal teenager, going to parties and attempting to get into trouble while still staying out, but she's to busy to have an oppertunity(sp?) to do this well. But, if you spend a lot of time with her you're bound to find something more... deeper.
Background and History: Riley grew up with a better than normal early childhood. Her small family enjoyed wealthyness and plenty of oppertunities(sp?). Her life was quite happy and normal until her parents got into a car accident when she was 15. Her mother, who was an only child, was killed instantly. Her father was sent to the emergency room and died within the next night. Riley and her brother, Scott, were left without family. While Scott was trying to keep things together she spent some time living with friends. Soon though she was able to- and choose to- move in with Scott. Then after a short period of time things were falling apart badly. The ranch was set up and Riley moved with Scott to the ranch. She stayed in a cabin at the ranch for a long time, but finally saved up enough to move into a house located on the ranch... with the help of roommates.

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