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*~Pick Wallace~*

Name: Zachary Michael "Pick" Wallace
Age: 19 years
Gender: Male
Apperance: Light brown, kind of long hair. Usually his hair is done up in a strange, slightly wild fasion. But occasinaly big spikes or 'mold forms' are done. A little on the short side and not real buff, almost scrawny. USually wearing baggy skateboarding clothes... or whatever he finds on the floor in the morning.
Personalitly and Characteristics: Pick is always laughing, makeing jokes and haveing fun. He likes to make trouble but just in little ways. He's generaly considered irreasponsible and sometimes a screw-up but he obviously doesn't care. He loves to party and hang out with the girls. He likes to skateboard, and hang out with Torn, and his biggest love his playing drums. He'd gone through a few bands with Travis but they mostly fell apart. Now he hopes to join another band sometime but couldn't bring his drums to the ranch and hasn't found a big music scene there anyways. Allthough he sometimes gets in trouble, he has his morals set right makeing him more of a good boy. He is often times watching over and takeing care of Travis but Travis sometimes is doing the same for him.
History and Background: He mainly grew up in California, around San Diego. His mom raised him as well as she could, when his dad died in an accident when he was 2. Him and his family made it pretty well most of the time, though usually staying in the 'lower class'. He moved in with some friends a little after he turned 18. When he started haveing problems with his roommates he took off with his best friend and bandmate, Travis, basicly with out a destination. They came across the small ranch town and Pick talked Travis into staying for a while. He- or anyone really- is not sure why he liked the ranch, but he was sick of the lower class of the biger west coast citys and always like animals and horses, and the whole ranch thing sounded really cool.


Name: Travis and Pick fight over names for him but both kinda agree on 'Torn"
Age: 10 months
Gender: Male
Breed:Tawny Boxer
Personality and Characteristics: Due to little training, Torn is always getting in trouble. But he's overall very friendly and loves to be around people
Appearnce: Pretty well bred with nearly breed standard colors. He's nearly the size of an average full grown Boxer and seems to still be growing. His ears were never cut or posted so remain flapped over. Travis and Pick usually keep a black spiked collar on him
History and Background: Pick and Travis decided they wanted a dog. They saw an add in the paper for boxer puppys and saved up the 300 dollars for him. Travis thinks it was a stupid buy. After Travis and Pick got him they left for their 'road trip' so Torn spent part of his early life on the road and now is adjusting nicely to living at the ranch and staying in a car.