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November News and Updates

Pines County Classic: The Pines County Classic is a large show with more points and money to give away. Check out this page for more information. There are well over a hundred classes, as well as a different set of rules that you must read...everyone sign up! Three different divisions: Adult Amateur, Junior/Young Rider, and Open classes for the pros. The show will be run November 22, so sign up soon!-November 8th

Major, Mega-Mega Updates All This Month: Yeah that's right, we're remodeling. I'm currently working on finishing the "Fall" version, and all of the boards and pages will be matched to it. So if it looks a bit crappy for a while, dun worry. I'm on it! Also send me stuff! Like interviews, stories for the Gazette, piccies, ads, and just anything interesting! My new e-mail is 8th

Member Pages & Info for Important Updates: If you haven't posted on the roll call page in October or November, please post all your stats again. I know it's a pain, but this game is a wreck (if you haven't already noticed) and needs organization! Thanks to those who have kindly redone their stats. *wags finger at those who didn't* C'mon guys...-November 8th

Please, please Advertise: We really need more members! More members, more fun. You know the drill. I'm also thinking about adding some new things, like stallion inspections and stuff. Let me know what you think.-November 8th

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