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Owned by Colleen


Nestled in a small valley, Marblewood Ranch is located on 10 acres, next door to Riley's House. It is fenced with a 3 board wood fence, strong and good looking. A cute 3 stall barn with a tack and feed room and storage area in the loft provide the perfect settling for the private owner. With 4 half acre paddocks, a 5 acre field, and a 400 by 200 foot fenced grass arena is a perfect area for training. The cozy 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 story cottage is perfect for a new couple. The house also has a cute breezeway facing the pastures. Large trees dot the property. There is a large shed for tractor storage or woodworking as well.

The Field

The Storage Shed

The field again. Note how the horses love the grass!

Marblewood's Cute 3 Stall Barn

Enter Marblewood Ranch