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Check out these really cool links. Only the best and ones that help us out along the way get their name in the hall o'fame; WPR's link page. If you want to have your site or a cool site you saw anywhere on the net on this page, just post in the lodge (or e-mail me) the addy and why you want it on the page. If WPR has ever advertised on your site (Anywhere other then the advertising board) show me proof and you get up here no matter what.

Homestar Runner
Where else can you find such interesting characters as Homestar Runner, The Cheat, Strong Bad, Pom Pom, and the Poopsmith? Nowhere! Where else can you catch the latest issue of Teen Girl Squad? Nowhere! Where else can play Trogdor the Burninator? Nowhere! That's why you gotta see!

Gift Horse Sim
Gift Horse Sim is a great sim out there! Buy and sell horses, compete in shows, and get a job. Go check it out!

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