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Whispering Pines Ranch offers a lot of places to explore and options to do.
The ranch is vast and the terrain and set up can vary drastically, from wide open
meadows, to thickly wooded and untamed forest, to neat and tidy flower gardens.
The settings of the ranch are here and open for you to use and enjoy, so take
advantage of them!
*~Peaceful Meadows~* *~Pines County Forest~*
In the heart of Whispering Pines Ranch rests the glorious meadows. Located just a few minutes from the lodge and right behind the paddocks & fields, these beautiful acres provide a wonderful place to ride or just hang out.  On the other side of Pines County, about a 30 minute drive from the lodge, is the Pines County Forest. Thousands of acres of hiking and riding trails, beautiful lookouts, and picturesque streams make the forest the ultimate getaway .
*~Paddocks & Fields~* *~Alocka Lake~*
Right behind the main barn, the paddocks and fields offer an array of turnout options for the discerning horse owner. From a ten acre field to a 100 metre paddock, you can find whatever you need right here. Round pens are also available. Alocka Lake is a crystal-clear lake. The more popular south entrance has a beach, while the north entrance has a slip for boats, as well as canoe and kayak rentals. Riding trails follow the lake, making it a fun outing for riders. Near the forest.
*~Pine Song Park*~ *~Back to Whispering Pines Ranch~*
Behind the Milky Way cabins lays the scenic Pine Song Park. Prefer groomed lawns and gardens to the stark outdoors? Looking for a perfect place to walk your dog or go for a leisurely jog? Check out Pine Song Park!