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Registered Name: Kamikaze Notes
Barn Name: Kazzi
Age: 6 Years
Gender: Gelding
Appearnce: Flashy blue roan base color with black, mane, tail and darker points. He has white on his face and legs.
Training: Kazzi is excelent in barrel raceing, western pleasure, and great on the trails. He is also trained in calf ropeing, penning, and halter. But he is well suited for just about anything, with strong versatility in his blood, a good build, and an ability to learn.
Breed: Quarter Horse (Note: I don't rember where I got that picture, and I don't think it is really a quarter horse... let a lone a good one. But LOL I'm lazy and don't wanna get a picture and I love that picture for some reason anyways! LOL)
Background and Personality:

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