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Thankfully, we're not the most uptight people in the world. Just about anything goes around here. But--please check with us before you go zooming around on your magic broom and walking around with a pink polka-dotted panther. It might be okay...never know...just be sure to ask. Thanks.

1. Swearing is allowed. Sorta. We think the ones who have been most guilty about it is ourselves. *Coughs* Sad but true. So just don't curse more than we do, folks, and everything will be just fine.

2. Powerplaying, on the other hand, isn't. *Jumps up and down* We abhor powerplaying! No powerplaying!! None! *Wipes perspiration off brow*'s just, powerplaying isn't allowed and WILL not be tolerated. Sorry.

3. And it's the finders keepers rule for names. This is likely to piss people off, but hey, what's in a name?

4. No Porn, sexual, or excessively bloody pictures. We'll post if I don't think it's 'appropriate'. We'll ban if it happens again.

5. Keep any 'long breeding' or whatever inside the message. For all of our sakes, please. Make your own board if you'd like some privacy. It's not like we're gonna actually read it, though.

6. You must join (post on the joining board with stats) before you play. That's easy enough, eh?

7. You MUST post at the roll calls! See the attendance board for more info. We have them about once a month (ha, more like once a year) and you have a window of one week (7 days) to post.

8. No exotic animals. We'll allow a few species but tigers and lions are not allowed. If you're unsure if an animal is allowed just post at the joining board and we'll either approve it or tell you to not join it.

Guidelines -

The abnormal and weird are respected here. If you have a problem with abnormal and weird, well... expect to have to deal with some abnormal and weird people and things. I think it's the only thing that's kept this game open for three years, personally. We like criminals, we like fools and idiots and jerks. We like crazy horsewomen, hot (oh so damn hot) cowboys, and musicians and such. Kids are allowed. We have plenty crawling around. There's probably more of them than adults. Be creative!

Money n' Crap
: You decide your own money. We know sometimes its better to keep track of it. But in real life some people are richer and some people are poorer, not everyone starting out with $15,000 or something.

Stay active. Post at the OOC Board or Main Lodge if you're going to be gone for a while. If you can't be at least semi-active, please don't join, or quit until you can get on more. It's discouraging to have people join and never play.

Crime and Punishment
: For punishments so far the only thing we really have done is warnings. But you could lose money, or even pets. But most likely you'll get a warning or an IP ban from the game (you'll be kicked out) An IP ban can be temporary or forever.

Time: Time is more or less the same as in real life. If it's spring in real life then it's spring on the game. But you can age your chars faster or slower if you want. So if a mare has a foal, if you want, the foal can be a yearling within just a week or so of its birth. We have this weird time warp thing going on. It is rather fun. If it confuses you, just play along. 

: We're fine with changing fonts and stuff and html crap in your posts. But, no changing the color or size of fonts in the subject line. Also please remember to close all fonts. But, we understand it's easy to forget. If you do, just make a "font fairy" post.

: We welcome anyone who would like to play. Just understand that the game is sorta horsy-oriented and that there are adult situations in this game. Blame The Nameless Wonder for that. We're not the type to use fancy RP lingo or anything, pretty much anything goes.

Go Join!

Wanna contact us? We'd like to talk to you.

Jilly Dearest E-mail:
AIM: moreschwung

The Nameless Wonder E-mail:
AIM: InABadMoodAllDay