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Profiles and Stats
Riley Larwence
Kami Mylo
Scott Larwence
Jillian Taylor
He Aint No Scrub

Name:Jillian Van Steinbecker-Taylor
Nick Names: Jill, Jilly Dear, Jill-Jill
Age:21 years
Gender: Female
Horse Experince: Very advanced. Ridden & trained through Grand Prix in Dressage. Certified with BHS & USDF.
Appearnce:Jill, at 5'10, is tall. She is slender from years of long distance running, and although she wouldn't be put in the muscular category, she has very strong upper body strength from years of riding. Although she had gone through many different hair styles before she moved to the ranch, lately she's has long, wavy, dark blonde to light brown hair that's almost always in the contains of a ponytail or clip. In the summer she usually goes around in jeans, t-shirt, and a visor for barn chores, while she's always seen riding in plaid full-seat breeches, tall dress boots, and a polo shirt. No frills with Jill. Even when she dresses-up a little she is still always casual in her typical European style.
Personality:Jill is not know as a person who walks around and shares her feelings with everybody (unless she feels you're doing something stupid with a horse. Then she'll give you a quick mouthful, politely, of course.) She has always been very passionate about her riding and this is always first & foremost in her life. Jill is a great teacher and is usually a very polite person who would never want to say anything rude about a person behind his or her back. But she is known for keeping her feelings to herself too much, and often times she has exploded without notice.
Other: She works for herself as a trainer & instructor. Her hobbies include running & biking as well as skiing & snowboarding, when she has enough time. Although she would eventually like to have a boyfriend again, right now she's just trying to make enough money to make ends meet.

Name: Kami Aeva Mylo
Nick Name: Kam, Tigrr, Tease
Age: 21 year
Horse Experince: Basic Lessons in English and Western
Appearnce: Brown/Blonde hair, Brown eyes
Personality: To know you must meet her.
Other:An aspiring musician, her hobbies include; Dancing, Shopping, Inline Skating, and Most things Dangerous

Name: Aurora
Age: 3 years
Gender: mare
breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Sorrel, 1 sock, star, blaze and snip
Training: Great with halter, A lot of halter/ western showing, western riding and trail