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*~Andrea Morgan~*

Name: Andrea Nicole Morgan
Age: 20 Years
Gender: Female
Personality: Andrea has a very typical personality. She's generaly friendly, sweet, and over all nice. She is very down-to-earth. When people annoy her, or if she just doesn't like them she will often play along, yet never lead them on. She needs contact with people and often feels lonely with out it. She likes to have fun, and sometime party, but being so down to earth, she has her own style to do it.
Background Info: Growing mostly in the northwestern part of the United States, she was exposed to horses at a young age. She rode and learned about them for fun. When she got a little older and her family got horses and a ranch of thier own she got more serious about it. All through high school she joined diffrent lessons, teams, groups and private shows involving western riding. Competing often and sometimes makeing it quite far up in rankings. She competed in barrel raceing, pleasure, ropeing, and reinging. Then after high school she went straight to college, takeing a lot of various courses, including interior decorating, buisness managment, and some psycology. But majoring mostly in interior decorateing. Now shes takeing a break getting back into horses. Now haveing the chance, shes hopeing to become better at reining.

*~Andrea's Horses~*

Pop Punk

Registered Name: Pop Punk
Barn Name:Punk and Andrea calls her a number of diffrent pet names including Papo, Popo, Punky. But usually just Girly, Girl, Baby, or the occasinal Idiot.
Age: 5 Years
Gender: Mare
Appearence: Blue Roan, Bald Faced, White Markings, Mixed mane and tail. 16 hands
Training: She's trained in a lot of diffrent western events, though still is a little green in a lot of them. She excels at Barrel Raceing and cutting because of her hot nature, for the same reason she sometimes has problems with pleasure, halter, conformation showing, and reinging.
Breed: Tenesse Walking Horse
Background and Personality: Andrea, haveing rode Pop Punk a few times in competitions before school, jumped on the mare the minute she found out she was for sale through a ranch that Andrea's family sometimes worked with. The mare has the sweet and friendly nature of tennesse walkers but also the hot and ready-to-run nature. The mare sometimes gets an attitude when you ride her and needs a strong hand to hold her back.

Midnight Rock Music

Registered Name:Midnight RockMusic
Barn Name: Music, But is also called Rocky.
Age: 6 years
Gender: Gelding
Appearnce: Grey (Black), 15 hands, white markings, nice big build.
Training: Quite good, advanced in a number of western events. Excels in all of them but is especialy good with reigning.
Breed: Tennesse Walking Horse
Background and Personality: Haveing great bloodlines and tons of experince and training in the disiplines that Andrea rode in, Andrea's parents bought Midnight RockMusic as a gift for her. Andrea got attached to him and worked with him to keep him fine tuned. He's her top competition horse, not to mention pride and joy. When she whent to school her parents no longer had facilitys for horses so she got him boarded at a ranch near by her family's home. He's very calm and cool. He makes a great kids horse and never bucks. His willing to work and learn.