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Houses Cabins and Dorms

*You follow the the signs down the path to the cabins*

There are two different types of Cabins/dorms for you to choose from. I?m sure there is one to fit your needs and buget. Just find the one you want and move in. Then post at the next Attendance wich Cabin you are living in and I'll figure out the numbers from there. If there are any questions ask in the lodge or e-mail me.

********Moon Catching********
This Cabin Cabin rooms 20 people. It has a room for each person.You can get a small room or a larger nicer room. Some of the rooms have a small bathroom with them (10 $ extra). This has 2 common rooms also and 6 bathrooms. It ranges from 30$-50$ a month If you can't afford this You probably could room with someone else who is looking for a roomate.

*****Current residents-
Erin Sorkees's Room #1
-Demani (dog)
Paul's Room #3
-Martha (dog)
John's Room #4
-No Pets
Natasha's Room #5
-No Pets
Diamond McComb's Room #10
-Xena (Dog)
-Ryan (Roomate)
-looking 4 roommate (right?)
Bruce Buckhaven's Room #11
-Olivera Sierra (roomate)
Deenas's Room #14
-Midnight (Dog)

*********Milky Way********
These Cabins have a wide range of choices. Most have 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom and 2 closets. But, depending on your money, you can go much nicer, like hot tubs, entertainment rooms, small gyms etc. These range from $80 per month to whatever (LOL) per month

***** Current Homes-
Keri Devon's Home #1
-No Pets
Dale Evans's Home #2
-No Pets
Jill Taylor's Home #3
Meg Vance's Home #4
-Jake (Dog)
-Valentine (Dog)
Amy & Cozmo's Home #5
-Free Way (dog)
Alana McCarty's Home #6
-No Pets
Bryan's Home #7
-No Pets
Russell Vance's Home #8
-Hudson (Dog)
Kitty Morgan's Home #9
-No Pets
Jarred McRownd's Home #10
-No Pets
Van Aramix's Home #11
-No Pets
Abigail Summers's Home #12
-Smokey (Cat)
Leena Fallner's Home #13
-Blitzen (Dog)
Nate Taylor's Home #14
-No Pets

*If you can not afford any of these and need a place to stay talk with Riley and the main lodge to work something out.*

Makayla Stone's
-Maghan (Dog)
-Erin (Roommate)
-Tegwen (Roomate)
-Tobey (Dog)
-Maguire (Dog)
-Jareth (Roommate)
-Kylie (Roommate)
Riley Larwence's
-Scrub (Dog)
Jodi and Bailey Sanclare's
-Emma Claire (Roommate)
-Forgotten Wings (Roommate)

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Makayla Stone's Home
Riley Larwence's Home
Bailey and Jodi Sanclare's Home