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Hi there! I'm Millenia, the webmistress of this site!

What I want to show you here is the reason for all this madness. Ghaleon, having been granted yet another chance at life reappears in the world I created, Solar. Yeah, you guessed right -- it's not Lunar.

Why did I do such a thing?

Allow me to explain:

I like the Lunar games, but I'll be honest... all the history and character backstories really get me in a mental bunch, so I decided to create my own world. Please don't get me wrong! I love the Lunar games to death, but I just can't keep up with all the little details, and I really don't want to disappoint any other fans, so this is what I settled on.

You'll soon discover (once you've read my up-and-coming fanfic) that Solar IS similar to Lunar. Yes, there are dragons and beastpeople and such, but it's NOT Lunar. Keep on reading, and then I promise you won't feel so confused!

How (and where) it all begins...

Lunar, the Silver Star, and its mysterious celestial counterpart, the unnamed Blue Star. We (this being directed at Lunar fans) know these planets all too well, and the characters and adventures that have taken place upon them.

The Goddess Althena... Zophar... the Four Dragons and the Dragonmaster.

They all had their stories.

Suppose, however, that there was another planet (after all, space IS vast), albeit one that had similarities with the Blue and Silver Stars, yet possessed a story all its own.

Enter the planet Solar, so named in honor of the twin gods Solrune and Arus, represented by its two suns. A single moon known as the Dead Star orbited Solar, and was the reason for the fears of many inhabiting the planet.

Some claimed they could see the shapes of demons and other horrors drifting across the moon's cold, white surface, thus, whenever the moon showed itself fully in the night sky, the people shut their windows and doors, then waited until the dawn.

In the histories of the planet Solar, it was written that an evil deity resided on the Dead Star, waiting patiently for the time when it could destroy the Twin Gods, thus snuffing out all life on Solar as well.

This deity was called Dark Crescent, and embodied the stuff of nightmares.

Not all was to be lost, however. The ancient histories also spoke of a young girl who would be able to channel the combined might of the sun-gods' power, an earthly conduit that would thwart Dark Crescent's plan to destroy them.

This girl was a mystery, since there was no clue as to who she was, or when she would appear. The writings only mentioned the girl's eyes would be the color of gold.

The predictions didn't stop there.

The final words of the prophecy claimed a 'white nova' would find the golden-eyed girl and help guide her to her destiny. And then one day, a strange child appeared on the cliff overlooking the village of Taone.

On that very day, the fate of Solar and all its people would begin to change...

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