Samus: "Great job. The little beast got away. I guess I'll have to fight you next!"
Kevin: "Maybe, maybe not!"

Kevin: "First I want to hear YOUR view of this. How did you aquire the FIREFLAKE?"
Samus: "All right, I'll tell you. But it won't feel any better."

Samus: "A few years ago I made a fateful mistake... and became the prisoner of two space pirates from Metroid. They hooked me up onto a machine, made in order to make me the slave of their master, Motherbrain! When they turned it on, everything went black." (Two words... HOLY SHIT.)

Samus: "When I woke up I was here in the SAFE... with the FIREFLAKE in my hand! I didn't know if an hour or a month had passed. Therefore I can't say that I'm innocent... I don't know myself!"
Bubble: "I'll take that as a confession, Samus." (she never gives up, does she?)

Lana: "Do you recognize the Medusabeam, you traitor? I went and got it from the ship. Give up... or your body will turn to stone, like your heart." (she needs some prozac, dontcha think?)
Kevin: "Wait a second, princess!"

Kevin: "I don't know if Samus kidnapped your father or not. We may never know! But I KNOW that I've fought beside her and seen her risk her life for us multiple times."

Love, peace and understanding, yo!