Textblock: "Meanwhile..."
Tuskman Green: "GET LOST I said. Where are you heading so urgently?"
Kevin: "I need to get by... and you're starting to irritate me."
Duke: "GRRRR!"

Kevin: "I don't have my laser, but I'm no goof just because of that. Even if YOU are!"
Duke: "GRR!"

Kevin: "Uh-oh, here comes the reinforcements! Time to shift. Get into my arms when I come down, Duke." (Oh, how romantic!)

Kevin: "I know when I'm not welcome! Have to shift right-left before these dudes score a hit!"

Kevin: "A GRAVITATIONAL SHAFT! Hang on, Duke. I'll leap to the other side."
Duke: "WHIMPER!"

Kevin: "Come on, Duke. It wasn't that bad. All the SHIFTING emptied by POWER GAUGE! I hope I can calm the princess without it."

You better find a chair and a trainer's whip first, kid.